REVIEW: Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley


Words in Deep Blue

BY: Cath Crowley

Published:  June 6th, 2017

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

It’s one thing to imagine being without a thing you love. It’s another thing when it’s really gone.

Words in Deep Blue tells a story about loses, second chances and the power of books in ones’ life.

…sometimes the end begins.

Rachel and Henry have different versions of loses. Rachel’s life has changed since his brother, Cal, drowned in the ocean. The tragedy led to Rachel failing in school and losing her passion for the ocean. Henry, on the other hand, has been dumped(again) by his girlfriend, Amy, a girl he once chose over Rachel three years ago. Also, his family and their business is in peril.

…I think you should be depressed. I think depression is completely fair enough. Depression is the absolute appropriate response here.

Rachel and Henry were bestfriend once, before she and her family moved to seaside and before he seemingly ignored the love letter she left in his favorite book. Now, Rachel is back in the city, changed and guarded. Henry, though, is persistent. He wants his best friend back. Forced to work together in the bookstore that Henry’s family owns, they realize that even though they have different versions of loses, they might find what they’re looking for together. And the underlined passages and letters left by the customers in the bookstore’s section called Letter Library, might just what they need.

‘I think I’m at the end but then I realise there’s more to go. Tonight there was more to go.’

The Characters are well-developed and realistic. Though I had a little problem with Henry at first, because most of the times, I find him stupid, he redeemed himself with flying colors when he realized his foolishness at the end. Rachel, on the other hand, is a great MC. I didn’t have any complain about her. Even the supporting characters are good ones, well except Amy. I think I want more of her.

The Story is brilliant, original, engaging, very touching and very real. And even though some may find this one slow-paced; it took time for the character development, the romance and everything. But I found myself flipping the page one by one savoring every word, every line, realizing that the story is even better when it isn’t rushed (at least for this one, it is true.)

Overall, it is simply written yet remarkable.


I think these three quotes explained it for me.

“I thought about him living a life without the bookstore, and at the same time I thought about me, living a life without the ocean. A dry, bookless world. It’s too bleak even to imagine.”

So perhaps all things that are worthwhile are terrifying? Go back to the ocean, Rachel. It’s a part of you, and so is Cal.

‘It scares me, but I want it again,’


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Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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