The Summer Book Tag

I was tagged by another amazing book blogger, to do the SUMMER BOOK TAG. Thank you Mischenko. And though summer’s long gone in the Philippines, where I live, I still want to do this tag because it seems like so much fun. I love doing tags and my Bookstagram account is a big proof of that. 🙂

So here it is……

1. What book cover makes you think of Summer?


The Mermaid Chair

by: Sue Monk Kidd

..This book is one of my cover buys cause obviously I’m a #coverwhore 🙂 Sometimes, I go to a secondhand bookstore just to find books with beautiful covers and I bought this one last summer when I was just fresh from a vacation. :0


2. What book has brightened your day?


Eleanor and Park

by: Rainbow Rowell

I think everyone who have read this book agrees with me. A story of teenage, first love. *dreamy sigh* After reading Eleanor and Park’s story, I felt like grinning but at the same time my heart was melting. It was sweet.


3. Find a book cover with yellow in it.

wp-1502701900148.jpegThe Help

by: Kathryn Stockett

My copy was more yellow than this one and though there are hundreds other books with yellow on the cover, I chose this one. Simply because I want to include it in the list. I read THE HELP last summer and it was one of the best book I’ve read so far this year.


4. What is your favorite Summer Beach Read?

wp-1502701829537.jpeg Wallbanger

by: Alice Clayton

There are only two genres I’d bring on a beach trip; Funny Romance or an Erotica. And Wallbanger is both. I can’t help grinning right now. The title suggests it’s filled with steamy sex, and it is. But I’ve read other books that are even steamier so if you’re not into erotica, this one will still do. What I loved more about this book is how funny it is and how sweet. I gave it Five Thudding Stars 🙂

5. What action book had you running for the ice cream man?

wp-1502701916048.jpeg Mr. Perfect

by: Linda Howard

I’ve always loved Romantic suspense especially if it’s written properly. And Linda Howard did the job right. 🙂 And though it is impossible for me to run for the ice cream man since I’m not fond of sweets, this book made me wanna eat something while reading. It’s a suspense but not TOO much, it’s a romance yet without the usual conflicts such as third party and cheating. But still romantic and thrilling. 🙂

6. (SUNBURN) What book has left you with a bad and/or painful ending?


All the Bright Places

by: Jennifer Niven

Confession: I couldn’t even make a review of this book without breaking down. I’ve read this book twice and I still cry. I rated it five stars because it deserves it but I don’t really like it dearly. It was written as a masterpiece and I understand the author’s motive. It was written for people left by their loved ones through suicide. I plan to reread this one over and over again until I’m not affected anymore. 🙂

7. What Book gave you the happiest feelings when it ended?

wp-1502701925574.jpegLove, Rosie

by Cecelia Ahern

I’ve always loved bestfriends to lovers romance so this one really made me so happy. One of my faves actually. 🙂 The movie with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin is just a bonus. 🙂

8. What book cover reminds you of a sunset?

wp-1502701920833.jpegCry No More

by: Linda Howard

I’m actually unsure if the cover is a sunset or a sunrise. And the story seems depicting a sunrise because it’s a story of a mother who lost her son and spent years to find him. And it was a happy ending. A story of an unconventional love and heart-wrenching at times. Maybe I should mention that I’ve read like ten Linda Howard’s novel this year. I’m really taking care of my TBR list that is as old as time itself. LOL.

9. What is one book or series you hope to read this summer?



by the one and only Stephen King

I’m a new King’s fan so I’m catching up on reading his books. I have to read this first though, before the movie comes out.



Thank you for reading this far. I’m sure most of you has done this tag and I’ve still so few followers. It’s up to you all if you want to do this.







*Okay, tagged or not, everyone’s welcome to participate. 🙂

You guys can also tell me how you think about the books I listed above.

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🙂 🙂




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