Royal Pain by Tracy Wolffe

35212286  TITLE: Royal Pain

AUTHOR: Tracy Wolff                                  

SERIES NAME: His Royal Hotness #1 (Can be read as a standalone)

GENRE: Romance

PUBLICATION DATE: September 26th 2017

PUBLISHERS: Loveswept, Random House

RECOMMENDED: To everyone who reads Adult Romance.




Technically, Kian is a prince. But to his joy, he is just the spare to the heir. He doesn’t have the responsibility of the crown but have all the advantage of being Royal. The tabloids call him the His Royal Hotness as he is known for his naughty activities.

But everything changed when his twin brother and crown Prince of Wildemar was kidnapped. Suddenly, Kian’s the one attending all his brothers responsibilities; from assemblies to boring galas where plenty crown chasers attend. But he noticed the waitress.

Or was it the other way around.

Savannah, an American commoner, is not interested in a relationship with a royal. She’d been through heartaches and she definitely knows how it is to date a crown prince. But can she deny the strong chemistry, sparks every time Kian’s near?  And can she really say no to a persistent royal this time?

How can a commoner and a royalty have a happy ending when as their attraction grows stronger, the demands of being a royalty also weigh onto Kian’s shoulder?


I found the author’s writing style so appealing. She writes right to the point and doesn’t know how to beat around the bush. The scenes, both the head and tail ones were all perfectly written that it is so  easy to read for the readers. Not boring and not annoying. I can’t remember a conversation that I didn’t like.

Maybe because the characters, though the novel is too short, are also well-constructed. Even the supporting characters are easy to love or to care. I laughed at Kian’s guards everytime they speak. And my heart goes to Garret, Kian’s brother.

Overall, Tracy Wolff wrote a great novel, filled with a perfect mix of everything you might want in Romance. She did well in balancing the exact amount of drama, of sweetness, of hotness, and humour to bring an enjoyable novel to her readers.

Thank you to the author and publisher for giving me a chance to read this one through Netgalley.



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