Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

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TITLE: Hunting Prince Dracula

BY: Kerri Maniscalco

SERIES NAME: Stalking Jack the Ripper #2 (can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Horror

PUBLICATION: September 19th 2017 by Little, Brown and Company



Stalking Jack the Ripper, the first instalment in this series was good, but this one is even better. Maybe the fact that I love Romania (though I haven’t been there but want to) and Dracula’s story is one of my favorites, contributed why I love this book more than the first one.

This time, Audrey Rose and Thomas travelled all the way to Romania to study Forensic Science in Bran’s-Castle-turned-Academy. But as expected with these two, wherever they go, serial killers welcome them. Instead of focusing to fully get in the Academy, Wadsworth and Cresswell were caught in the midst of gruesome murders right along the halls, and secret halls, of Bran Castle.

The superstitious villagers believe it was Vlad the Impailer doing them

“Has the Immortal Prince returned?”

Bodies impailed and cadavers with no blood. Maybe he is alive, maybe he isn’t. Only our Wadsworth know is that someone wants blood, someone is need to be caught before another brutally murdered corpse of someone she knows turned up on their class to be studied. (seriously, this is too gruesome. Studying your friends’ corpse?) But that’s what actually make this series awesome. Very brave approach for the author.

The whole premise of this story is really interesting and engaging. The author really did great turning the borrowed immortal story of Dracula into something very entertaining. Plus, the way Miss Maniscalco paited the setting? Makes me wanna fly to Romania. Very believable and aesthetic. Not just the place but the people too. 🙂 Even the wolves.

*Deep Sigh*

As for the characters, Audrey Rose Wadsworth somehow matured. She still mention how independent she is but not as much as she did in the first book.

And Thomas Cresswell? Seriously, he’s one of the best. Still witty and charming. Wadsworth says he’s a scoundrel, yes he is. And I love and want him more because of that. Seriously, he makes danger enjoyable. No Kidding. He just know what to say in every damn situation. He’s adorable.

*Dreamy sigh*

Also, Wadsworth and Cresswell’s relationship, both romantic and friendship, really developed so well in this book. A romance is a great romance if the writer has the reader wish for more yet content of what there IS. And that makes of what to come more wait-worthy.

Said enough. So excited for book three. Miss author, hurry up. Lol. Kidding aside, thank you for this story. And thank you for not including a love triangle just to complicate the plot. You truly understand that it’s not needed. You’re the best. *Hugs*

*This review is on Goodreads  too. 


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