Hunted by Meagan Spooner

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TITLE: Hunted

BY: Meagan Spooner

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fairy Tales, Romance

PUBLICATION: March 14th 2017



I might be in minority giving this book a low rating. But this is all I can give- three stars. I love Beauty and the Beast, it’s one of my favorite Tale along with Alice in Wonderland. And so I was excited to read this retelling. Maybe I was overly excited, that’s why I didn’t like it as much as I should.

The whole premise of the story was actually good. Yeva, who sometimes called Beauty, prefers to hunt in the woods than to act like a proper lady in the city. Blame it to her father who maybe the best hunter alive. When her father lost their family’s fortune and they were forced to move back to the old cabin where her father used to take her with to hunt, Yeva was somehow happy.

She found herself, familiarizing the woods once again. And when her father goes missing in the woods, she, of course set out to find him. But instead she found herself face to face with the Beast. The Goodreads synopsis wasn’t lying when it said a cursed valley, a ruined castle, and a world of creatures that Yeva’s only heard about in fairy tales. 

Sounds intriguing and exciting, isn’t it? But then everything is just too slow for me. From the beginning to the last quarter of the novel, I was waiting for something. But that something didn’t come.

The fantasy world was great, really if only it was built earlier than it did. So that also means, the interactions between the fantasy characters and the others were late and too few. Okay, forget the other characters, even the two main characters lack the connection. Like, ahm, okay? Needless to say, the character developments are very slow too. And the beast should’ve been alpha-like or something like that.

And it was sad because I really think/thought that the entire plot was amazing. It was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and there’s even a tale inside this tale. And that tale has something to do with what’s going on in the book. It was good. I’m sure you guys have somehow stumbled on a plot like this. But it was too slow.

And let me just say that this must be one of the most predictable stories I’ve ever read. But maybe that’s just me. Oh I must mention that I love Yeva’s relationship with her family/sisters.

Hope you guys find this a better read than I did. 🙂

Happy reading. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Hunted by Meagan Spooner

  1. I actually really liked it but I went in with very low expectations (I hadn’t heard of it). I did find it slow in the beginning but I started it as an audio, got frustrated with how slow it was going (plus the Beasts voice was terrible) and switched to the book.

    I think what I liked was how dark it was. A lot of the retellings I’ve read have been really light and fluffy but there’s quite a bit of death and killing in this. I liked that I wasn’t sure where it would go and that there were some little unique elements. Also gotta love (and hate) that she’s a pretty good killer herself.

    It could have been a bit faster paced though. Sorry it didn’t love up to your expectations.

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    1. That was my mistake… I love Beauty and the Beast so much thats why my expectation was superb.. But overall I like it too same reason as yours. I also love it that the Beast was a wolf and so cute when he was being nice to Yeva…. 🙂


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