Book Review: Commander in Briefs by Kristy Marie

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TITLE: Commander in Briefs

BY: Kristy Marie

GENRE: Erotica, Romance 




Awwww, this book. It’s like a roller coaster with this one.

Me on Prologue : Oh my, this is good,

Me on ONE : Ahm no!!!, this isn’t for me.

Me on 6% : Sh*t, not for me.

Me on 8% : I trust the author and the PA who provided me this arc.

Me on 10% : I love Jessica so much (the PA)

Me after 10% : I should thank Jessica for this and maybe private message the author for this journey. I love it.

Theo and Aniston’s relationship was very complicated. Best friends? Girlfriend-boyfriend? Flings? Fuck Buddies? I think by now, you already guess that this is why I called reading this a roller coaster.

Commander in Briefs opens in a flashback, Ans and Theo were college students, bestfriends and housemates. It was the day before they decided to branch-out not only because of their separate future careers but also because one of them felt that they just have to. Thee next morning though, they separated, friendship already stained…

Seven years later, Theo is now a professional baseball pitcher, Anniston, an ER doctor and sports physician. Theo is still the same asshole, jerk, immature, sexy hot as hell, possesive but caring, that he was seven years ago. Anniston, on the other hand, is this strong, determined, outspoken, smart and witty woman I want to be. She knows what she wants and would get it. She knows how to deal with people like Theo not because she loves him but because she’s really that kind of person who will stay because she knows she can help.

And did I mention she definitely has a great big heart? Well she does have. Thus enters CADE, a homeless vet that I thought would threaten this fucked-up but precious relationship Theo and Ans has, but no. That wasn’t what happened. I really liked how the author inserted Cade, making him not only a possible third wheel but his existence in the novel actually made Theo’s and Anniston’s characters blossomed. They matured more and well-developed by the end. I don’t think that would be as good as it was without Cade. In the end you could see how things work all together for the better to all of them and it’s amazing.

PLOT: It wasn’t new but it wasn’t that cliche too. The author added some bits here and there to make the story a little unconventional which is good. The romance was okay, Theo is sexy as hell when he professes his love and demonstrates his possessiveness of Anniston. And this as an erotica is even better. There are times that I even stop reading and maybe skip a bit because it’s too much for me.

So, overally, if you want a hot sexy novel with alpha males, caring other males (lol), sand tough females with a story somehow touched me, you might wanna grab this book. 🙂 The only reason why I had to cut a half star is because there are cases of repetitiveness, which is usually the problem with multi-narrative. There are also times where everything is being told and not shown. 🙂 But other than those few cases, this book is good, especially for a debut novel 🙂

Congrats Kristy Marie. 🙂


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