Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

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TITLE: Secrets of a Summer Night

BY: Lisa Kleypas

SERIES: Wallflowers #1  (can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Romance, Historical Romance

PUBLICATION: November 28th 2006



Quick overview about the Wallflowers.

Set in London 1843, four girls, who usually found themselves sitting together season after season watching other girls dance and get courted, finally get to an agreement that they would help each other win a husband starting from the eldest to the youngest. From wallflowers to fiery husband hunters, these girls will blow your mind.

This first instalment in the series is about Annabelle Peyton, the soon-to-be 25-year-old lady who could’ve have many suitors if only she has a dowry. And it seems that her only chance to save her family that’s in a brink of downfall ever since her father’s death, is to be someone’s mistress. Unfortunately, her only suitor is the persistent, bold, honest-to-the-bone, practical, ambitious but handsome entrepreneur, Simon Hunt, who she might (or might not have) kissed two years ago.

Annabelle, would do anything to remain a member of the high peerage, Simon hated the upper-class and he is too honest  about it. In fact he’s only been in upper-class parties because he’s too wealthy to not be invited. She’s too determined to resist him, especially that he’s only proposition is for her to be his mistress. But as they try to outsmart each other in a game they can’t even name, they found themselves closer and closer to each other.

First of all, this is a reread. And of course I wouldn’t have reread this if this isn’t good, if not great novel. Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite Historical Romance authors, and this series is my favorite among all her series.

Secrets of a summer night is a great story with characters so complex and real, I find myself caring for them both. Why not? They’re not perfect after all as I mentioned each of their characteristics above. At first I found Annabelle a little snob but i understood why she didn’t  like Simon. He’s just too forward but too swoon-worthy, mind you. And when she finally let him in her heart, it was amazingly delivered.

Their sweet but funny banters and interesting push-and-pull games made me asking for more when I’m done reading. I actually thought rereading this one would somehow make me less enjoy the story but I was wrong. I enjoyed it as much as when I first read it.

I particularly love that Romance isn’t that instant. Though the attraction is already there, like I said there was this push-and-pull game these two is playing and not the annoying kind. 🙂

There’s a side plot that keeps the story more intriguing and actually added to depth of the Romance. And this novel, no the whole series, has the most amazing side characters. I simply love the other wallflowers and some of the guys mentioned who may or may not be husband prospects for them.

Overall, ahm, well, I think I’ve said enough. If you’re new to this genre I suggest you try this series first. This is great introduction to fell in love with Historical Romance.

Yay, this is my first review of 2018 and I’m proud of it though this is a reread. 🙂

Happy reading always guys.


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