The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

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TITLE: The Cruel Prince

BY: Holly Black

SERIES: The Folk of the Air #1

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

PUBLICATION: January 2nd 2018

RATING: Initially, I wanted to give this one a 4.5-star rating because there’s a bit annoying part but it might not be annoying for others. And I can overlook it anyway. 🙂 


I already shared on my WWW Post yesterday how I got approved of an e-arc of this book through Netgalley. I’ve been waiting to get approved since October and I lost all hope already but then 2 days ago, this book’s publication day, it just popped up on my Netgalley shelf. I was shook. I was thrilled. I’m elated. 🙂 🙂 🙂 My sincerest thanks to the publishers and Netgalley. 🙂

As for my review:

I must admit at first, I felt disappointed on how the story was going. I was like: “Oh my God, this is so petty!”  Then,   “This is just some childish feud between two shallow teenagers.”

And then things get real…

When she was seven, Jude and her two sisters were taken by a Faeriland’s general to Faerie after he killed their parents. After ten years, Jude wants nothing but to have a place in the strange, magical land she’d learned to accept as home. But one cruel prince stands in her way. Cardan, the youngest of the High King’s court children, along with his friends, just can’t stop bothering her.

Okay, confession. I generally thought upon reading the synopsis that Cardan is so powerful and that he really stands in Jude’s way. Well he is but not really in a general sense. Just petty bullyings which is the reason why I initially thought nothings going on but a childish feud between two shallow teenagers.

BUT that significant little part in the synopsis that says Jude wants nothing but to belong in Faeri, will play the biggest part of the plot. With Jude’s strong desire to belong, she became part of a serious conflict in all over Faeri. Some political games that will soon cause a tragic end to the world that Jude learned to love.

The whole premise of this book centers on intrigues, political games, betrayals and I must add family. I don’t really like politics but if it’s Faeri’s politics, it’s another story. Before I knew it, I’m already engrossed in mess that Jude gets herself into. And suddenly, I care about how will things turn out. Who will win and who will die. Because seriously, there’s always death in this kind of plot. 🙂

But oh my!!!! that tragic chapter that turned Jude’s world upside down!!!!

As for the characters, Jude became one of my favorite YA fantasy MCs. She’s so relatable and so complex. She’s cunning, smart, strong. And may I add that she is one of the darkest character I’ve ever come across. She’s wicked. She can be more wicked which I don’t mind. Besides our male lead is a cruel prince.

Darn you cruel Prince. I think most of us have this heart for characters like him. My heart bled for him. I don’t care how bully he was at first. I just didn’t mind anymore how cruel he is, I want him to be cruel because this story needs cruel characters.

The world Holly Black created is not some colorful, happy Faeriland. NO. NO.NO. This is one dark world full of treacherous creatures and plots I can’t help but embrace. Really embrace. Why oh why but it seemed so real, the world I mean. So amazingly fantastic.

Oh before I forgot, I was hesitant to put Romance as genre. There is Romance but I’m happy it isn’t what I liked most. Between Jude and Cardan, ahm, at least for the first half, not so much but… I better not say anything about it for now. But I love Chapter 26.

Overall, I have nothing to say but read it. 🙂

Happy Reading guys. 🙂


23 thoughts on “The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

  1. Great review! I’m glad to see you enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read it! Definitely a nice change to read a book full of “dark world full of treacherous creatures” huh? 🙂

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