Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

674220TITLE:  Again the Magic

BY: Lisa Kleypas

SERIES: Wallflowers #0.5 (can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Romance, Historical Romance



Though the synopsis doesn’t mention it, Again the Magic, is the story of Aline and Olivia Marsden, the two younger sisters of Marcus Westcliff, the hero from Book 2 of Wallflowers Series. Though I must say, that the story generally evolves on Aline, as the synopsis stated.


As a daughter of an Earl, Aline was raised only to marry well in the future. But having parent who hardly cares for her, she developed a friendship with McKenna, a mere stable boy and later, when they get older turned into a taboo romantic affair. As members as different social classes in 1800, they knew their love would only lead them to destruction. Having no choice, Aline sent McKenna away.

“You’ll have my heart always—you’ve ruined
me for life.”

12 years later, McKenna returned with a strong will of, yep you got it, vengeance. Or so he thought it’s the only strong will he has towards Aline. they both discovered that no matter what happened, how much distance between them and how long they’d been apart, they have each other’s heart.

“I’ll marry no man but you, McKenna. And if you ever leave me, I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.”
“Aline…I would never leave unless you told me to go…


By now, I’m already familiar with this author’s ability to create such a passionate love story. A story of second chance and star-crossed lovers would’ve been cliche but with well-written steamy sex scenes, passionate encounters, witty dialogues and romantic/sweet gestures, you get a perfect romantic getaway.

This is the poem, McKenna made for Aline:

No miles of level desert, no jagged mountain heights, no sea of endless blue
Neither words nor tears, nor silent fears
will keep me from coming back to you.

I love it that the prelude of the story, the part that happened 12 years earlier, was long and was not just a mere prologue. With that I got to know the MCs early and got invested in the story almost as instantly.

I already mention this is a very steamy read and sometimes I want to complain about having too much sex scenes but how can, they were written so incredibly well that I actually end up liking them, devouring them. They weren’t just steamy, they were passionate and so full of love even though there was always tension of conflicts between Aline and Mckenna.

“have you ever wanted something so much that
you would do anything to have it—even knowing that it was bad for you?”

Though I’m not really a fan of stories that the main conflict is miscommunication, it was essential in this story. It added to the tension, making it more angsty and dark.


I love McKenna. He’s arrogant, vengeful, full of angst, rude, filthy rich, frank, sexually…. ahm, okay, if these are the things I love about McKenna, what would that make me.

Let’s try again. I love McKenna. He’s sweet, passionate, romantic, determined and kind. There. Hahaha. Seriosuly, both the negative and positive attributes I mentioned were all McKenna’s strengths.

As for Aline. She used to be strong and brave. Though I understand why she became an imsecure worrier denying both McKenna’s and her happiness, still it would be better if she’s been braver. But maybe if she was, the story would be shorter. And maybe that’s why the author included a side story of her sister Livia (which by the way a great love story of itself too.)

Overall,  if you’re a fan of a Historical Romance, please pick this one up. You won’t regret it. This might be one of the most passionate novel I’ve ever read. 🙂

Happy Reading guys.



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