Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman

20703633TITLE: Boneseeker

BY: Brynn Chapman

SERIES: Boneseeker #1 (can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Thriller

PUBLICATION: January 10, 2018 by The Wild Rose Press (though it had been published before)

RATING: Initially I wanted to give this only 2.5 stars but I liked the last quarter of the book and thus deserves another half star.


If you’ve read my Review of Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, you’d know why I requested this book from Netgalley. It has the same plot- well, almost.

Whilst Stalking Jack the Ripper was set on 1880s, Boneseeker is on 1910s. Arabella Holmes, an aspiring Scientist, isn’t like any other girls of the society. Introvert? Maybe. Anyway, she prefers the company of bones rather than people. As the only daughter of the infamous Sherlock Holmes, that’s not at all surprising. Henry Watson, (yep, son of Dr. John Watson) has two mission on working at Mutters Museum: to join the team of forensic anthropologists and to watch over Arabella who secured a job at the said museum with the help of her father.

Honestly, this book has a very promising plot. The idea of pairing Sherlock and Watson’s children romantically and also as the next generation of badass detectives was just amazing and very much intriguing. Throw them in an adventure that involves an unearthing of bones that might be of giants or Nephilims, added to the awesomeness of the idea of this story. It has a touch of paranormal in it, depends on how you see it.

Sadly, it didn’t deliver as I expected it should.

The Characters were okay. I understand Arabella’s impulsiveness and stupidity sometime because of her state. She’s not normal. What do you expect of Sherlock’s child? That sociopath raised her. Dr. John Watson has a big part and loved the idea of seeing him as  a father to Henry. And yeah, there’s Henry. I found him lame. The story was told with Bella’s and Henry’s POV and whenever it is Henry’s turn, it is impossible not to find one of these words: fear, afraid, panic, control, pause, mute. Maybe i’m exaggerating but I was expecting a hero who’s at least not feeble. He seems handsome as Bella mentioned it everytime she saw him in ever effing scene. Anyway, his character just isn’t that appealing for a hero in this kind of story. And all his lameness involves Bella.

The romance became annoying as it turned out Bella and Henry would be acting like Lovesick teenagers who can’t be together because of this and that. The mystery lose its appeal as the story goes by.

Also the writing did bother me. The first thing I noticed is the abundance of dashes (-). Unnecessary italicized words and it’s in first person POV. There should be lesser, right? There are also distracting sentences that need a little more editing.

Anyway, there are parts that i really liked that’s why it still got three stars from. I love the last part specifically.

Hope you guys give this a chance. But I really hope the second book is so much better. I want Henry to grow up as a character.

Happy reading guys,







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