Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

24337TITLE: Ella Enchanted

BY: Gail Carson Levine

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Fiction, Fairytale

PUBLISHED: 1997 by HarperTrophy



So everyone knows about this book, I assume. Thanks to the movie adaptation that stars Anne Hathaway who, by the way, I find so beautiful. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and so my expectation to this book is undeniably high.

My fault, I am sorry.

Cinderella, along with Sleeping Beauty, is my least favorite princess. I just find her obedience and struggle as TOO much it is sickening already.  And with Ella Enchanted, the idea of Cinderella being cursed to be obedient was interesting. For once I met a Cinderella who is not really, really, really nice. She was forced to obey because of her curse disguised as ‘gift of obedience’.

But even though she obeyed every command addressed to her, her strength is  palpable. She’s not that, you know, pathetic, because of that stupid curse. It was great to see her flourish and succeed at the end because I knew what she’d gone through.

I love all the side characters even the step sisters and stepmother. Even Lucinda, the fairy who cursed her. I love her fairy godmother, Mandy. I also love the mythical creatures. And of course, the Prince. I love the Prince. He totally adores her and their romance isn’t the annoying cheesy kind. It was adorable.

However, I can’t rate it five stars. As much as I love the twist of Cinderella obedience, the twist ends there. There’s nothing new to it. Just the plain ol’ Cinderella. I know, it was written in 1990’s but still. I actually find the writing almost like Alex Flinn’s. Though many of my friends love their writings, I would’ve preferred it more if there were more twists. Like it begun with a great twist of the original Cinderella. She was cursed… Then everything else is what would you expect on Cinderella’s story.

Maybe this is just not for me. Too middle grade or maybe too fairtale-ish. I don’t know. But I still enjoyed it.

Recommended to anyone who wants an easy read fantasy/fairytale.

Thank You Guys and Happy Reading,



11 thoughts on “Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

  1. silverbuttonbooks says:

    I’m not a fan (with the exception of Tiana) of Disney princess but I really loved this book. I think I liked that Ella was such a linguistic and cultural ambassador and an all around tomboy. But, it is definitely a middle grade / elementary grade book. Still, a thoughtful review!

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