Monthly Wrap Up: JamPacked January

Hi Guys,


I can’t believe January is already gone. I honestly didn’t realize it until I saw the countless Wrap up posts on my social media feeds yesterday. I’m pathetic like that. It’s a miracle I can even remember my name. Anyway, I decided to make my own wrap up post. This is my first ever wrap-up post and it’s January. Hopefully I can do it every month. Anyway, I’m just gonna list the books I’ve read.d5b878a1eaefe40e1cfa6f776c1f4aed

# BOOKS I’VE READ: 14 (4,558 pages)

1. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – 5/5 stars


I read The Cruel Prince exactly the day of its publication last 2nd of January, that is thanks to the publishers who approved my request of its ARC thru Netgalley.
Lately I’ve been addicted to antiheroes and fantasy worlds, and The Cruel Prince gave me exactly those stuffs. The Main Characters are all interesting, even the bad ones, or the badder ones, and the building of the fictional world was so well done.
*Click the title to see full review.

2. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine – 3.5/5 stars


I’ve seen the movie and somehow enjoyed it. One of the challenges I’m joining includes a category ‘a book made into a movie you’ve already seen’ and thought this fit perfectly. 🙂 Besides this one have been sitting on my shelf since I was a kid, maybe. Anyway, Ella Enchanted is an easy, enjoyable read with adventure and amazing fantastic creatures but I couldn’t give it a perfect 5 stars because it was too fairytale-ish for my taste. I was hoping for more twists.
*Click the title to see full review.

3. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell – 4/5 Stars


Another book that fits a category in my Reading Challenge. Though I can find other Children Classics that I haven’t read yet, I choese this one when I learned how influential it was. A story narrated by a horse named Black Beauty, telling his story from when he was young colt until old age. Reading it, it wasn’t hard to see how it became so influential. Not only does it teach the readers how to treat animals, but somehow shows  human values that we should and shouldn’t possess.
*Click the title to see full review.

4-5. The Innocent Man by John Grisham and Echo Park by Michael Connelly

I’m gonna say it again, my reading life started with these two authors and I’m glad to read their works again. The Innocent Man is the only book I haven’t read by John Grisham(apart from his latest 2 novels). I skipped it before because it was a Non-fiction but it fits a category in a reading challenge I’m joining (again). Personally I find the story so sad. I cared too much of the character who was convicted to a crime he didn’t do and that’s while he was suffering Depression. Echo Park, also a crime thriller is a part of a series involving the infamous Detective Harry Bosch. First chapter and I was hooked. I vowed to read more from the series this year though they’re old ones. 🙂
*Click the title to see full review.

6. Demons of the New year (An Anthology of Horror Stories From the Philippines) – 2/5 Stars


A Book by a local author. I got this book of anthology from a Book Subscription Box here in the Philippines and glad that it somehow fitt in another category. Sadly, the book isn’t for me. The stories didn’t appeal to me that much. I really expected to love it since our country has numerous lores, most of them scary. Anyway, this book isn’t just for me.
*Click the title to see full review.

7. After the Night by Linda Howard 4/5 stars

420739An unexpected reread that somehow fit a category. Hehehe… While cleaning my shelf, I unintentionally picked this one and started reading. The story is one of my favorite romance that it didn’t take two chapters before I got hooked. I really encourage everyone to give this one a chance. If you’re looking for a romance filled with angst, a jerk hero, a strong female character, sexual and emotional tensions with a little bit of mystery, pick this one. *Click the title to see full review.

8-9. Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman (3/5 stars) and Deadly Sweet by Lola Dodge (3/5 Stars)

Both are ARCs. 3 Stars for me is still a good rating. It means I have complains but didn’t really disliked the books. Boneseeker is a mystery/romance story featuring the children of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Now you know why I requested the Arcs. It didn’t get perfect stars because of some boring childish parts. Deadly Sweet is actually a great first book for a new series and I must say it has a great potential. But at the end I felt that the characters turned underdeveloped and the fictional world building lacks a bit.
*Click the title to see full review.
10-14. The Wallflower Series.

I wanted to start my 2018 by reading books I will surely like so I decided to reread one of my best-read series last year. I got addicted with Historical last year and this series really took a place in my heart. The Wallflower Series features the stories of four ladies who called themselves as Wallflowers. They met at balls and soirees, and usually share the same fate – being ignored by the lot. The first one though is a prequel, and the Heroine isn’t really a wallflower, she’s a sister of one of the heroes in the series. If you wanna try this genre, it’s good to start in this. This is one of the author’s best work. 🙂

There, there guys. 14 books is really fair number and I’m thankful. I’m truly catching up on reading because I really felt 2017 was really a failure. Not only in reading but in everything else. My health, depression and anxiety burdened me last year and functioning was hard. For now, I’m happy because this is a good start for 2018. I feel better now. Even my writing was good so far. 🙂

Have a great year guys. Til next update!!!

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9 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: JamPacked January

  1. Wow 14 books already huh? That is a lot! 😊 I honestly wish I could read a lot more at times, but in between my dayjob and loads of other hobbies, I’m glad to even be able to finish two books a month.
    Lot’s of great novels in this list though, hope February is going to be awesome month for you with some great novels as well😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m really sorry to hear that 😢 But I’m that you can at least find joy in the reading of books. It’s always nice to just be able to just lose yourself in one and forget everything happening around you.
        Hope you are going to enjoy pretty girls: looking forward to your review 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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