Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

11387507TITLE: Graffiti Moon

BY: Cath Crowley

GENRE: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance





My Thoughts:

First of all, I love the cover. 🙂 Other editions even have more beautiful covers but sadly, this is what I own. Not that I’m complaining. But it would be nice to own other editions with better cover, Hehe.


Anyway, Graffiti Moon revolves in the lives of six teenagers who are in the verge of their lives where they have to choose who they’re gonna be as adults. Though the story is told alternately by only two of them, Lucy and Ed, the other four (Leo, Jazz, Daisy and Dylan) have played great roles too. And though the whole plot took place only in one night, it was okay to me. I’ve learnt a great deal about each of them anyway.

That one night is considered as the turning point in the lives of these six. Having just done with senior year, they decided to have an all-night celebration. At least that’s what the girls have in mind, the guys, well, the guys have other plan. But the night have other plans to all of them too.

The plot was simple yet the author successfully conveyed the lessons and message she wanted the readers to have. Through the lovable but flawed characters with real concerns in their lives. This book taught me that my decisions matter and can either turn me into a better person or worse.

If I have a problem in this book it’s Lucy. She’s supposed to be eighteen but there are times I find her childish and a little stupid. The things she says and the things she does. This didn’t happen all the time though so it’s fine. Besides the other characters make up for Lucy. These teenagers are amazing especially the guys. Dylan is so adorable as he woo his girlfriend, Daisy to not o break up with him. Not that he’s doing good at it. He’s flunking at it terribly which really make him terribly.

And there’s Leo. Ladies, he’s a poet. His poems are part of the book so no worries. 🙂

giphy (3)

Of course there’s Ed. Oh his paintings. His art has left me awed. his a real artist and also he has this condition that made me love and care for him more. He totally stole my heart and I have no plan of getting it back.

giphy (4)

I almost forgot to mention. I’m totally in love with the author’s artistic writing. She knew what aesthetic words to use, making her works a beautiful prose. I feel like I’m reading a poem rather than a novel. I actually jot down countless quotes from the book just as I did with Words in Deep Blue, one of my fave reads last year and also written by this author. 🙂

Hope you get to read this book as well, guys.
Happy Reading. 🙂


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