Getting Through My Netgalley Shelf

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You can call this a discussion post for I’m aware I’m not alone with this – I found myself overwhelmed with my Netgalley Shelf. Having an endless TBR list is common to us so maybe having a long list of requested and approved books on Netgalley isn’t that such a big problem to fuss about. But we all know our Netgalley shelf isn’t just another TBR list. This list is filled with Advance Reader’s Copies of books that caught our interest while browsing their catalogue of books. They are called ARCs for a reason and that reason I keep on neglecting.

                    “I know James, it’s disappointing.” 

Intentional or not still it’s disappointing, especially that I, myself, is an aspiring author. I shouldn’t have requested those ARCs if I knew I didn’t have enough time to read them.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? When it comes to books, we always think we have the time.

Just as when we visit a bookstore/library, we browse through the shelves and then when we see something we like, we take it with us, without even thinking about the TBR we left at home. Without even thinking that we might be running out of free time to fit all those books.

Speaking of time, it’s February. The month of LOve, people. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And so to show my love not only to books but also to new/indie authors….

giphy (2)


I decided to dedicate my(this) whole week to reading nothing but ARCs. It’s  Monday today and here in the Philippines, it’s already coming to an end. That left me only six days left until my wrap-up. On Sunday night I will have a wrap-up post that will be filled only with ARCs.

giphy (4)

Good luck to me. Though it means setting aside for now the other books I want to read. It’s okay. 🙂 🙂

How about you guys… How are your Netgalley Shelves? Let’s chat. 🙂








21 thoughts on “Getting Through My Netgalley Shelf

  1. Time is such a rare commodity these days isn’t it. I have a day off from work today, had a lot of plans (including reading a lot), but as usual things changed again lol. But that’s okay. With books there is always this problem of buying way too many of them….and continuing to buy them even though we haven’t finished half of them.
    Well..I do wish you good luck with all the reading: you can do it! Looking forward to whatever reviews will be coming up for these books 😀😀

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    1. I knooow… 🙂 My plans for the day changed almost every hour… Hahaha. about that bookish problem though, It’s one of my ONLY favorite problem on earth…hahaha… Thanks for the good luck. Hope you’re enjoying your day off. 🙂

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      1. Haha, I guess you could say it’s definitely not a very bad problem to have 😂😂
        You are welcome, and yes my day is going well and I am enjoying it 😀😀 Hope your day is awesome too 😀😀

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    1. Oh my God, I have 34 books on Netgalley… AAAhhhhh.., WIsh me luck…and by the way, what do you mean, they broke up with International bloggers, as in really? Or in just selected books. I do know that some really aren’t available in other countries. I live in asia so taht means really lot of books unavailable. 😦 😦

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      1. You really need luck 😉, Yeah I guess there policy or something changed, so now access for International blogger is limited, 9/10 don’t show me request option since this year has been started, only wish option is there, This is what I noted, I don’t know about the other’s, Well I am also from Asia and nowadays I am feeling like dumped by Netgalley ☹


  2. oh man, that netgalley shelf! i really need to get through more of my requests. i’ve actually banned myself from requesting anything else until i finish what i already have. i just don’t want to keep adding more and leaving the old ones behind, besides, i figured if i really want to read X-book i’ll be able to when it’s released. it’s not going anywhere xD once i’m caught up i’ll request more in moderation! maybe just 1 or 2 a month Orz good luck! 😀

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