Mini Reviews: The Sheikh’s Pretend Fiancee and A Sheikh for Christmas

Hi Guys,

It’s time for another Mini Reviews. These two books that feature Sheikhs are both written by Miss Leslie North. I always turn to this author when I need some easy, sweet reads. Her plots aren’t too complicated yet enough to make me smile.


37800189TITLE: The Sheikh’s Pretend Fiancee

BY: Leslie North



A Classic Cinderella Story. 

Liyah, a plain jane that she is never thought she would catch Sheikh Asad’s eyes. Liyah came to back to Middle East because she fell in love in the country five years ago when she visited it as an exchange student. She never thought she would fell in love again but to a man this time. Asad just needed a pretend fiancee to prove his prospective clients that he’s not the same man they knew. But he might be wrong at thinking that he just picked Liyah because of her demure nature. Soon, they found themselves caught up in a passion they might not know how to handle.

A classic story I know. Not only it was a Cinderella story, it was also the cliched pretend-turn-into-real relationship  but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Liyah and Asad were both great characters. Though Liyah can be really shy at times, most of the times she shows this strong side of her especially when Asad was concerned. And how cute is that. Asad however was cute as he sometimes just chose to avoid her than to lose himself with her. I really enjoyed the tension between these two and I’m not talking about the sexual tensions only. Hahaha. The banters they shared were fun to read. Also the side characters are also amazing, especially Asad’s sister.

36631648TITLE: A Sheikh for Christmas

BY: Leslie North



A Classic Damsel in distress saved by a rich hunk.

The story was about Melody, a rich famous heiress who run off with an actor who turned out to be just using her for publicity. When her family cut her off, she had nowhere to go but to her ex-fiance who she ditched before. But instead of her ex, she found his friend, Daveed. Mel wasn’t really close to her ex’s friends before and so she was surprised when Daveed showed her sympathy. Well, after the initial rudeness anyway. Daveed saw that there’s something more to Mel than what the media said about her or even more than his friend knew about. Still, he shouldn’t feel more than sympathy to her. But living in one roof might not help him in that area.

I love this one especially because there’s some seriousness in the story because of Mel. I really liked her and understood the stupid stuffs she did before. Also, I liked it that Daveed wasn’t so judgemental. Unlike others, he really gave her a chance to find and know herself and let her do it by herself. He just served as a guide and support. And it was sweet and cute. And very romantic. There was few dramas, since Mel was Daveed’s friend’s ex but it was okay. It actually helped to make plot even better.

I got these copies from the author and publishers through Netgalley and for that I’m thankful. These books are part of two separate series and I already own the other books but I have yet to read them because you know why.. hehe. I really focused on ARCs this week.

If you want some easy short reads but still good books, I recommend Leslie North’s books. One more thing, she’s really nice. 🙂

Happy Reading.


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