Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

13618440TITLE: Dreams of Gods and Monsters

BY: Laini Taylor

SERIES: Daughter of Smoke and Bone #3

GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal



God, this book seems so long that it took me five hours to read it. My copy, hardcover, is 613 pgs. long.

Anyway, in this last instalment if Laini Taylor’s magical trilogy about angels and monsters, Karou and Akiva have to join together, along with the remaining Chimaeras and bastards angels to stop a common ally, an angel emperor, who’d come to human world to bring terrors and endanger the humans. What they don’t know is that the emperor isn’t the only danger they have to face.

Okay, humans now have big parts, so does religion and the church. Acceptable since this is a story about angels and monsters anyway. It’s also fitting that more human characters are added, even a human who sees terrifying things though her nightmares. And though I enjoyed the additional characters, I want to talk more about the ones I fell in love with since Book 1. My God, Karou and Akiva were perfect couple. Not because they were perfect lovers, actually they’re anything but that. Even as allies, being lovers is still questionable. But the romance was still strong even if they just shared a gaze, most of the time indifferent gaze. And I did enjoy the jealousy parts.. They’re not the annoying parts guys. Like I said in my review of book 2, though there is a semblance of love triangle, it was handled well. It’s almost not there.

Speaking of that said love triangle… Ah Ziri. I love Ziri so much who also found his own girl, a very brave girl. I know that sounds a spoiler but it’s not. I must say Ziri is my favorite character, next is Liraz (Akiva’s sister), and then Mik and his girlfriend, mere freakin’ hilarious humans amidst the chaos. God these four just made my heart warm and tumbles. I feel giddy and smiling like idiot because of them.

Overall, I love this ending which is not really an ending. The ending was happy, don’t worry but trust this author to end a trilogy as if she still has plans on visiting the magical world she created. The writing was still as magical and well done as the previous books. Though at some points I found myself lost. (ah the irony in that sentence) There are just too many informations, no, they’re not simple infos, they are plot points/concept that seemed to be hidden too much in the previous books, that when they were revealed now along with new characters and places, well, it wasn’t easy to follow. Maybe I’m just not that clever to follow this intricate plot. There are also some stuffs I don’t understand and would be glad if they weren’t included. But still the whole story was amazing and glad I did give this a chance.

Let me just add, how gorgeous the covers are? They’re the reasons I bought them, by the way. Thank God for the beautiful covers I could’ve missed this beautiful, magical, intense story.

🙂 🙂

Happy reading guys.


10 thoughts on “Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

  1. Wait what? You read a 613 page hardcover book in 5 hours?!?! Wow you read fast. I could read a book like that in a day taking about 12 hours. But wow..that is truly amazing.
    Totally agree on the covers by the way: they look truly amazing, totally agree with you 😊

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    1. I don’t want to share this much because it sounds bragging but I really read fast.. REALLY.. Like in one day, I can read five books, if my only other task is to eat and shower.

      Yeah the covers are amazing…


      1. Holy cow! I’m pretty slow at reading, because there’s no way I can just read all day with husband and kids, so 600 pages could take up to a week and half.

        In a vacuum, with no distractions, I could *maybe* read a page a minute. I think that’s what I used to do as a teenager.

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