2018 Moody Reading Challenge

Hi guys,


Awww look at me, always trying to make my life miserable. Aside from Goodreads Reading Challenge, I’m already joining FOUR Reading Challenges this year. And now this. But I have a very valid reason. The title fits me. MOODY!!!

So that’s it? Lili, that’s your reason?



Well Yeah. *Grins Innocently*

Anyways, I saw this challenge at Flying PaperBacks by LaRonda but this challenge was created by Perspective Of A Writer and you guys can check her blog for more infos.

The Rules/Goals are Simple:

#1 – Target genres that I LOVE but never seem to get to.
#2 – Choose and focus on my most anticipated in those genres.
#3 – Pick older books that have been on my TBR list for a while.
#4 – Mix it up so that there will be all sorts of books to fit any mood!
#5 – Don’t feel pressured, even DNF if I’m not feeling the book…





Okay, I think this is enough for now… All of these are in my TBR list for this year. Most of them are published, would be published this year and I’m so excited.:) 🙂 🙂

Have you read any of these books, or as excited as I am for their release? Or are you guys joining this challenge too?

Anyway, wish me luck.












15 thoughts on “2018 Moody Reading Challenge

  1. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts for the Karin Slaughter novel. So far I have owned every Slaughter novel to date: and I only haven’t read this one, and the one that came before this. She is just a phenomenal writer whom I have so far highly enjoyed reading novels from. Good luck and have fun with reading all of these 😀

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