Hour Six – 24 Hour Readathon Update

Hi Guys,

What the!!!! I swear time passes so fast when you need it to slow down. But no I’m not mad, nor I’m in a bad mood because of Time. WHy? Well I just read an amazing story.

Yep, I just finished Vampire Academy. And oh my God, why I haven’t read it sooner? This is amazing. I love everything about this story, the characters, the—-

Okay, I’m getting so ahead of myself here. I’ll leave it to my review which I’ll be posting later.ย But here’s how I feel about this book.

giphy (3)

And so yeah!!! High five to the author and to the characters.

giphy (2)

I’m so excited I wanna read the next book right away.. But I have a problem, my aunt, (or our maid) always check on me at twelve midnight so I always pretend sleeping at 12 midnight. You know why I am stay-at-home, right?

Yeah so sleeping is important.

I decided to take a rest for maybe a couple of hours. i’ll post on twitter when I start reading again.ย Since I already finished one book, it’s okay to take aย  little rest, right? Besides, I still can’t get over at my fascination of Vampire Academy, I need to stop reading for a while. Once I hit the 50 % mark, everything came on a blur to me because my fast reader alter ego took over and finished it as fast as she could. That’s how good the book was. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Okay, bye for now…




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