Unsolicited Advice by Melinda Di Lorenzo


*few spoilers because I really want you guys to be interested in this.

TITLE: Unsolicited Advice

BY: Melinda Di Lorenzo

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary

PUBLICATION: January 15th 2018 by Tule Publishing



Me while reading this book:

These are very, very good reaction guys. I’m so happy I read this one and that I just realized I really need to pay more attention to Indie Authors or the ones new to me. Aside from few crazy updates in Goodreads while reading this, my initial review will prove how much I love this book:

Holy sh*t!!! I’m not even gonna apologize for the language. Hehe.
But what did I just read. That was FUN… DO me a favor guys, DO READ THIS… Yeah, I know there are just 20 ratings for this book but dont let that discourage you.. This is such a fun read… I love this… Im gonna go find the other in the series. 
🙂 🙂

Yep, that initial review is need of editing so badly…

Okay, this is a cute love story between Heide, an advice columnist, and William, a charming British who had suffered because of one of her advises. William just showed up in her house one day to blame her for it and even almost forced her to help him un-ruin his life. But not an hour had passed since William laid his eyes on the unexpectedly beautiful and attractive Heidi and her house, that he realized something is wrong with Heidi. She’s maybe good at advising others but maybe not to herself. But the one crazy journey William has in mind might be the only help they both need to LIVE A LIFE though they don’t it yet.

This book stole my heart and grabbed my attention from the very first chapter when Heidi was talking to herself and then sees William in her backyard stuck in a rosebush (also talking to himself. hahaha).

“If Life was going to give him a second chance, damned right he was going to take it.”

The plot, though some parts of it were cliche, was still amazing. The twists were well-done. Yep there are twists. I was so busy enjoying reading I had no time guessing about it. I just, you know, let the book lead me to where it wants to lead me. I was having so much fun, I forgot to guess about the reveal in the end that will explain everything. God it was so good. Seriously, wait for the twist.

“Heidi was a beautiful, complex vine around his heart, making it bloom in a way he didn’t think possible.”

The Romance was even more amazing than the whole plot. Yeah there was an instant attraction, but not that much. And they fall in love in a very short span of time but the development is obvious. Yeah it sounds impossible but it truly develops properly. It wasn’t rushed or was it forced. No, it was RIGHT. At first I think I was worried about it because you see there is other girl involve, (but no there was no love triangle), but I was not.

And I know why. The characters. They’re amazing. They’re the kind of characters that you want to be friends because their sense of humour is overflowing. They’re both have issues individually but together, those issues were successfully and wonderful taken care of. It was joy to see them okay. Though they were really never so dramatic. No matter how hard William’s past and how serious Heidi’s current state,  they always find a way to make me smile. And I definitely enjoy William’s way of easing Heidi’s attacks. My Psychologist taught me this too. It’s a grounding exercise I personally named 3-By-3. It always works with me but i think i would want a William to helping me with it. LOL.

Lastly, I wanna say that I’m gonna read every work of this author…

*I got this book from the publisher thru Netgalley. Thank you. 🙂









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