Keep Her Safe by Richard Parker

37756774TITLE: Keep Her Safe

BY: Richard Parker

GENRE: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Suspense

PUBLICATION: January 11th 2018 by Bookouture



How far would you go to protect your child?

Penny, her 18-month old daughter, is Maggie’s world and she’d do everything to keep her safe. But aren’t all mothers like that? This is the  heart of Keep Her Safe. Someone who calls himself Babysitter is targeting mothers making them do something in exchange for their child’s safety. So when Maggie woke up one night facing Holly, another mother, she did exactly what mothers do – keep her baby safe. And maybe keep another babies safe too.

♦My Thoughts♦

For me, the plot is refreshing. I haven’t read a thriller before that resembles this book’s plot. Having a mother or mothers as protagonists and their babies the ones at stake was really brilliant. Just by thinking of it already brings thrill to me, and I know to you too. Because we know how mothers are when it comes to their babies. They become desperate and superhumans when their babies are hurt or in danger. And babies are vulnerable and fragile. I expected to care for the characters (Maggie and Holly) more than I did but it’s okay. They just did fine.

Just as the short synopsis said, this one is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Thus 4 stars for me because the story was true to its genre. The thrills are really there and suspense started right away and continued-from chapter 1 until the end. Though I don’t quite agree with the synopsis when it said that this will keep me guessing until the last page. I was curious who really Babysitter is, but there was no point guessing. Throughout the stories, hints and clues were given but they seem pointless. They were all connected and mattered, yes, but they seemed to me just random facts dropped here and there just so at the end they support the big reveal. Really, who would ever guess that Babysitter is him and more importantly, NO ONE WILL EVER GUESS HIS MOTIVES? There was no “Aha!!!” moment. It seems random.

Despite my complain, I still give this one a high rating because like I said, this is a thriller and I was thrilled while reading it. That’s what matters and I REALLY recommend this to all of you thriller fans. 🙂 🙂 🙂

*Thanks to the author and Bookouture for granting me an ecopy thru Netgalley.

Thank you for reading,


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