The Zanna Function by Daniel Wheatley

36349027TITLE: The Zanna Function

BY: Daniel Wheatley

GENRE: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Middle Grade (Childrens)

PUBLICATION: March 20th 2018 by North Star Editions/Jolly Fish Press

RATING: Actually, 3.75 stars


As early as first chapter, it was obvious that 14-year old, Zanna Mayfield is gifted though it’s a little later that we learn where exactly she excels. SCIENCE. The acceptance letter she received from the mysterious exclusive St. Pommeroy’s School for Gifted Children is a proof to that. The story goes on with Zanna discovering that she’s a SCIENTIST, one who can see and bend the basic functions of the universe to her own purposes. And that someone is set to keep her out of the academy. And in order for her to finish her first year in St. Pommeroy’s and to stay alive, she must master her ‘power’.

NOTE: All I've mentioned so far is stated on GR's Synopsis so they're not 
considered Spoilers. However, there might be some spoilers if you keep 

The basic idea of the story sounds familiar, right? Big YES. But I enjoyed this book and for a book that screamed Science so loud, that’s saying something because I’m not really into Science. Why do you think I didn’t finish my engineering course before? LOls. Anyway, despite the clicheness of the main plot, the magic used is kinda refreshing. It really is pure Science and that I found it fascinating to read all those Scientific terms. And surprisingly, I found those said terms easy to understand and really interesting.

I almost give up reading when I read of Zanna’s first day on school which was basically the beginning of the story. It just seemed so force to me because all the cliches in a teenage highschool scenes are there. Bullying and all that. But then as quick as it started, it ended and suddenly it became clear why it was like that. It was an illusion. this is Big spoiler but I chose to state this so you don’t give up on reading as well. Those eye-roll inducing scenes are really enough for a reader to lose interest. I’m telling you, don’t. Thee story is filled with mystery that will keep you guessing till the end.

The characters are surprisingly likeable. They have such amazing personalities, especially Zanna. I think she has the potential to be this badass teenager who fights against evil using her badass power. I just hope that if there’s a second book, I see more development  in the characters. And their relationships in need of development as well.

Now to the reason why it didn’t get higher than 3.5 stars. I couldn’t help thinking of other books and movies while reading. The acceptance letter, the school for gifted children and there was even a trunk or a tool box, flying bus and a school standing on a floating island. Most factors remind me of Harry Potter so much and I read the whole series every year so it’s hard to focus on Zanna while HP is on my mind. 🙂

Overall though, I enjoyed this book as I mentioned already and I highly recommend this to everyone. This is worth of your time and money. 🙂 🙂

I got a copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank You. 🙂



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