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Hi guys,


have you read “Children of Blood and Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi yet? No? Well, I hope it’s on your TBR list already. 🙂 And if you need a little more convincing,you can read my review Here! Obviously I love that book so much that I rated it perfect 5 and when I saw this amazing tag from Sarah @WrittenWordWorlds, I just know I have to do this tag. She said i’m officially tagged. She’s so nice guys, and if you’re not following her yet, well what are you waiting for? hahaha. 🙂 🙂

Now let’s start…


1. Iku Clan, Maji of Life and Death

(What’s a trope you’d love to see die, and one you’d love to see live, or flourish more often?)

DIE: Love Triangle. For Real. It’s getting old, my dear writers. Not all love stories should have love triangles. there are other hundreds of conflicts you can use for your love stories.
—oh and I hate it when YA books seem to forget that teenagers are still under their parents’ guidance. Let’s stop disregarding parents in YA just so our MCs can do whatever we want them to do for the sake of the plot. Not cool as we have teenage readers who might get something ‘wrong‘ from our novels.
LIVE: Just like Sarah, “Friends to Lovers” trope. I just find it sweet when friends who knows many things about each yet still still fall in love. And in reality, I do believe that friendship is an essential ingredient in most relationships. 🙂

2. Emi Clan, Maji of Mind, Spirit & Dreams

(What do you immediately connect with when it comes to a book?)

Amazing characters. And there are hundreds reasons how a character can be amazing. Sassy, loyal, nice, funny, strong….. I know you guys have something in your mind, as well. When a book has at least one character who I liked, I wouldn’t mind if the plot is simple and cliche, I’ll still read it.   And oh jerk alpha guys count too… they can be sweet too. hahaha.

giphy (3)

3. Omi Clan, Maji of Water

(If you could push a book on someone, what would you immediately recommend?)

There are plenty but duh!?1?!? Six of Crows people!!!… I just can’t stop talking about it and if you’ve been reading my posts, you’d be nodding right now. I highly recommend it and based on my answers above, you’ll have an idea why. First, no love triangle, in fact the romance was in the center of the plot but it’s still strong. It IS there and in all 6 MCs.

And it has diverse characters. Any kind of character you can possible like is surely one of the six. I also liked the friendship in this book, especially between the only 2 ladies, Inej and Nina. Now these tow are so different yet #friendshipGoals. I love what the author did with these two girls. Usually an author would just put 2 girls in love triangle, making them hating each other. Ugh!!! Leigh Bardugo is the Best.


4. Ina Clan, Maji of Fire

(If your house was on fire and you could only save one book, what would it be?)

THE BIBLE… No explanation needed. 🙂

5. Afefe Clan, Maji of Air

(What’s a book that had you floating on air out of happiness?)

This book is just so sweet… First love is sweet… 🙂 🙂 🙂


6. Aiye Clan, Maji of Iron & Earth

A book that’s made an impact (on you, or the world)?

Looking at this photo, it’s very obvious how THE HELP impacted me. This book is one of the first books about Discrimination that I read and oh my God, I cried a lot thinking about the people who suffer discrimination. It surprised me as even though I care for people, I never though I’d cry that much.


7. Im3le Clan, Maji of Darkness & Light

(What are your favourite morally grey characters, who do you love that walks between darkness and light?)

All characters in Six of Crows, especially Kaz Brekker.

I got this photo from Google. Not Mine.

8. Iwosan Clan, Maji of Health and Disease

(Which book had a plot twist you DID NOT SEE COMING and it made you sick with feels?)

Seriously? I can’t think of any. If there’s a book with a twist that surprised me, it’s not that great that I forgot it easily.

9. Ariran Clan, Maji of Time

(Name your most anticipated releases for 2018!)

30375937Plenty and some of them’s out already but the third book in “Stalking Jack the Ripper Series” has my heart tumbling every time I think of it.  Escaping From Houdini is scheduled to be published on September and I just can’t wait. I miss Audrey Rose and Thomas. They’re one of my fave couples ever. 🙂 🙂

And look at that cover…



10. Eranko Clan, Maji of Animals

(Your favourite underrated or side character?)

gallery-1450914028-severus-snape-wallpaper-hogwarts-professors-32796947-1024-768Ahm I don’t know if Professor is totally underrated but the fact that J.K. Rowling made us hate him all throughout HP series, while all along he’s doing something good, deserves a salute. And his love for Lily is just WOW.

He is one of my most beloved characters of all time. 🙂

ALWAYS actually became a sort of motto of mine. I say it ALWAYS…

See? I say it literally always. Hahaha…


There you have it guys… What do you think of my answers? Any comment, suggestion or perhaps violent reaction? Hehe.

I tag everyone who wants to do this, especially the ones who’ve read the book. Guys, read the book, please. 🙂 🙂

Happy Reading,


15 thoughts on “The #NowWeRise Tag

  1. I’m planning on doing this tag later this week, I’m also planning on reading Children on Blood and Bone as soon as I’m finished with my current read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great… Hope you like it as much as I did.. And I’m looking forward to your thoughts about it. It was such a great debut novel… And also your answers to this tag… This has such interesting questions. 🙂 🙂

      happy Reading Trisha.. 🙂

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