Hour Zero & TBR – 24-Hour Readathon [April 2018]

Hi Bookworms,

As you all know, Noriko and I host a 24-Hour Readathon every last weekend of the month, and it’s time again. Yeah, it’s not officially weekend but it’s good to have the whole Sunday for sleeping. 🙂

For my TBR, I’m determined to REALLY read what I set for this Readathon.

During the past Readathons, I read 4 books. But I don’t think I can do that this time. You see I did something stupid: I started watching a Kdrama. What a Mistake.



It’s titled, “Deserving of the Name” and about two doctors from two timelines. The modern one, heroine, is using modern medicine and have a sad history with Acupuncture so she hates it. So of course, The Hero’s forte is Acupuncture and he’s from the past. BUT, time travel isn’t the best part of this Kdrama people, it’s the characters, they’re so complex and flawed. I love them.


And you must know whenever I start a series, I don’t stop till I finish it so ahm, I’ll be distracted reading, but i’ll try. 🙂 🙂

Again, guys, whoever wants to join, just inform me or Noriko. 🙂 🙂 i’ll be posting an update here every six hours with my reviews. But on twitter, I’ll be 24-hour active.

Okay, let’s the flipping of pages begins.

giphy (1)

Happy Reading,


7 thoughts on “Hour Zero & TBR – 24-Hour Readathon [April 2018]

  1. Aaaaall the respect to you for being able to participate in readathons! I always fail and then feel poopy about it hahaha so I stopped signing up for them.


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