Hour 6 – 24 Hour Readathon [April 2018]

Hi Nerds,

book_ends_311495 (2)

I promised I’ll be posting an update every six hours of this Readathon and here’s the first update. Now this is the third month, Noriko and I have this Readathon and I usually post each of my updates along with a review of the book I finished reading. I always finish a book before the next update giving me the time to compose the update post. Well, I’m sorry, I failed to do that this time.

34323570I’m currently reading Furyborn and I was just telling the author, Claire Legrand, in a tweet how much I enjoy reading her book. This is an ARC, by the way. And she told me she was so happy to know. Anyway, I’m just past halfway through reading it. How is that possible? It’s been six hours! In my defence the book is really long and the plot consist of stuffs in need of complete understanding so it takes me a long time to read it.

Okay, who am I kidding? Though what I said were true, those aren’t the real reason why I’m not yet finish with it.

The real reason, REASONS, were these. First, I actually started late because like I said in a tweet, and in my TBR post  I started watching a Kdrama earlier today and I couldn’t stop. I started the Readathon an hour late.

alice in wonderland shrug GIF-downsized_large

Aaaand, OMG, you guys, I love Furyborn so much, it makes me wanna listen to Avril Lavigne while reading.


Why you may ask? Well, there’s so much badassness and girl power in this book, it’s not surprising I was reminded of this iconic rockstar. I really, really love Avril when I was in Highschool.

Oh you guys, you should have seen me wearing the thickest eyeliner ever. hehe. I always thought I was another higher level of beautiful whenever my eyes were shaded with black.

giphy (1)

Ahh, whatever. So that’s it for my Hour Six Update. I’ll be back with a review of Furyborn. I promise. 🙂 🙂

And I just wanna thank everyone who’s joining Nori and me in this Readathon. We only do this for fun but it is way more fun having you guys. 🙂 🙂 We really appreciate it that you’re joining us even though there’s other 24-Hour Readathon you can join this particular time of April. Dewey’s first Readathon for this year is happening exactly today, April 28. Noriko and I just started a day earlier. Speaking of Dewey’s. I’ll be joining it too which means I’m having a 48-Hour Readathon.

Why am I making my life harder than it already is?



Bye guys, and Happy reading.





9 thoughts on “Hour 6 – 24 Hour Readathon [April 2018]

  1. I’m also on hour six of the readathon and have not read a thing, I choose to sleep in because I wasn’t feeling well, I feel better now and I’m ready to get started.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. By the sounds of it, you’re gonna need a looooot of coffee 😉

    You started an hour late and I started 2 hours earlier, because I couldn’t wait xD
    (That way, I get to steal an hour sleep when I get tired!)

    I’ll be posting my first review very soon, I am so excited ♥
    (you bring up the inner reader monster in me!)

    Liked by 1 person

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