The Boy From Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

*The Publishers provided me an e-copy thru Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

36321141TITLE: The Boy from Tomorrow

BY: Camille DeAngelis

GENRE: Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction (Historical/Modern)

EXPECTED PUBLICATION: May 8th 2018 by Amberjack Publishing




Shortest synopsis would be: This is a story of three kids who found a way/s to communicate with each other despite their timeline differences, that led one to help the other two secure their future. 
But since I’m so generous, I can give you more than that one long sentence. Alec, a 12-year old from 2015, just recently moved in 444 Sparrow Street with her mom when he found an Ouija board that somehow introduced him to Josie(12) and Cassie(6-7), sisters from 1915 who are living with their mother who is a medium. Their exchanges eventually turned into some hard twists but at the same time, the realization that Alec can somehow help the sisters in their predicament with their abusive mother became obvious and he’s set just to do that. But is that even possible when their century apart? And how can they change a future when it’s already past.


Here’s a fact, I’m not really into Middle Grades because I never expect them to stir emotions from me, and I want my reads touch my emotions in any way. But THIS BOOK certainly stirred my emotions in a mess, wrecked way. AND I LOVE IT.

Though this story tackled some serious, sensitive issues, I still find it a sweet story of friendship, learning how to value and treasure it no matter the circumstance. This book even teaches that life is what you make it, at least that’s the message I got from it. The MCs, Alec and the sisters, Josie and Cassie are not the most extraordinary characters there are in Fiction, but they are unforgettable still. And thanks to the author’s amazing talent, it was very easy to connect with them. Halfway through, I found myself connected aching for them. I didn’t even see that coming. Like I said I never thought a Middle Grade book could stir such emotions from me.

I want to emphasize that I love the author’s writing. It was simple yet very descriptive and vivid, it makes the characters and setting so alive and every scene believable. The plot is unique and well-developed. The little history, especially the thing about Psychic are fascinating subjects that was handled well. Same with the abuse. It was handled well too as wasn’t romanticized and glossed.

Now why I didn’t give it 5 Stars? At the end there were some points that are left still mysterious and unexplained. But I think the author left it that way so the younger readers don’t get confused that much. Besides, the idea of time travelling and talking to someone you can’t see are already enough confusing for younger minds. (though I don’t really call what happened Time Travelling) 

And yeah, the ending was bittersweet,

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK. In one sentence I can say this book is very engaging, fascinating, magical, emotional and simply amazing. It transcends all my expectation. 

Happy Reading guys,


6 thoughts on “The Boy From Tomorrow by Camille DeAngelis

  1. What an interesting concept for a plot. The last middle grade book I read, well listened to, was “Hello, Universe.” I had enjoyed it, especially because it had a diverse cast of characters and as an Asian-American it’s nice to see Asians included in a book.

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