Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young

34726469TITLE: Sky in the Deep

BY: Adrienne Young

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

PUBLICATION: April 24th 2018 by Wednesday Books



TRIGGER WARNINGS: Deaths, Sexual Assaults, VIOLENCE, Bloodshed, ABUSE, slavery and more… (this might not be suitable for pre-teens)

When was the last time I read a book that stars Vikings? Or have I ever read one? Lol.

      There are two Viking clans, Aska and Riki that fights against each other every five years because of an ancient feud started by their Gods, Sigr and Thora (respectively). Both clans are fueled by hatred towards each other and fighting is just the way it is with them but Fate and the Gods might have set another path for them five years ago.
Eelyn, an Aska warrior, watched her brother, Iri, died in a war, yet she came upon face to face with him five years later 
and fighting for the enemy clan, Riki. Still with so much unanswered question, she was captured by the Riki and thanks to Fiske, Iri’s new brother, she found herself a slave in his brother’s new family. It was a family belong to a clan she vowed to kill ever since she was a child. But unbeknownst to Aska and Riki, a stronger and more fearful clan is bound to destroy both of them and maybe the only way to stay alive is to fight alongside. But how can they forget all the deads they brought to each other’s people?

This one took me by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting I’d enjoy it as much as I did. The story is well executed and fast paced. Filled with actions, in fact it started right with an action and that was such a kick-ass way to start a novel. (Should I do the same with mine- hehe) I was never bored and that’s saying a lot coz I read this at 2 a.m to 5 a.m. I think there wasn’t a single scene nor any line that isn’t necessary to the plot. The author indeed knows how to make use of every single page and it’s hard to believe this is a debut novel. The fight scenes were well-written as well.

Eelyn, our heroine, made me worried at first. She was TOO badass but you must understand this is how she was raised-to fight and to kill. I mean I love badassness but I think it was too much that had me worried I won’t see a semblance of humanity in her. A weakness-for it was what makes a character more believable and relatable. And Bam! the author suddenly threw her in a situation, in a position where she got to learn more values other than loyalty to her clan. I saw her strong then seemingly weak. Then strong again, even stronger than she’d ever been, because now she knows more truth and learn how to love. Her development was one of the most amazing thing, especially the way it was done.

“We find things, just as we lose things. If you’ve lost your honor, you’ll find it again.”
“I could still see a young Eelyn standing on the beach turned into the wind, a sword in one hand and an axe in the other. I hadn’t lost her. I hadn’t buried her. I’d only let her change into something new.” 

Because of it, this book, for me, ended up being more character-driven and I loved it. Especially that not only one or two characters have captured my heart, All MC did. I repeat, ALL MAIN CHARACTERS CAPTURED MY HEART. I love Fiske. I love how loyal he is to Iri and then to Eelyn. Jesus, that Romance, that slow-burn romance that had me asking for more. I will never get tired of hate-to-love relationship. It’s my favorite trope in Romance. And hurrah for the absence of love triangle.

Note to Self (and other writers): YOU DON’T NEED TWO or more LOVE INTERESTS TO MAKE THE ROMANCE AMAZING! 

Iri, Eelyn’s brother is a BIG part of the story. In fact everything started with him and it’s amazing. I love his relationship with Eelyn, their sibling love. I could see it despite the hurt words. And his brotherly love for Fiske. Fiske and Iri’s relationship is the kind I was looking for in The Oddling Prince. I also love Halvard, Fiske’s younger brother, the firs Riki who made it to Eelyn’s hardened heart. Lately, I’ve been reading novels with siblings relationship and I’m loving it. I also love Inge, Fiske and Halvard’s mother, she’s very understanding. With all these amazing characters, this book is family-oriented, EMOTIONAL, but not dramatic. You guys, you have to read to know what I’m saying…

The World was fine. But even though I liked it, I would’ve liked it more if there’s more background, more history. But overall, in terms of world-building, this book wasn’t lacking.

Would I recommend this? Ahm hello, OF COURSE. You guys, you have to read this. Though I can’t promise you any surprising, mind blowing stuff that will come, this book, the story and the characters are PERFECT!!! And you will never get bored and never feel unsatisfied.

Happy Reading,


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