Jon’s Creator Showcase: May Edition

Hi Everyone,


Creator Showcase is a monthly project created by Jon from Jon Spencer Reviews. One of the main goals of this project is to give exposure to amazing contents submitted by bloggers. And if you want to host a month, sign up HERE. Obviously I signed up for the Month of May. I took submissions up to 25th of this month and you guys, I’m stoked. I received almost 40 posts that it took me a week to read them all. This was unexpected, I thought I’d get maybe 20 submissions. Anyway, what can I say.
So, my job is to review all the posts and choose what I would showcase. I would love to showcase all of the submissions, but there are just too many. (SORRY!!!) Next is I need to categorize the said posts. Now that was where a problem arose. Most of my followers are bookish and few anime lovers. Categorizing was a dilemma as I’d end up with only 2 categories (Literature and Animes). Ahm, I’m not happy with that, so I thought I’ll put some spice in this month’s showcase. You know Taylor Swift’s New Album, Reputation? Well, I love that album so much and so I thought why not use the songs there as the category. But no worries, I’ll put TAGS in every title so you’d know what it’s about.
Excited? Then let’s get on with it!!!
(Click the titles of the posts as they’re links)

1. READY FOR IT Category (Discussions and Lists-get ready for some smart discussions and ready your notes and pens to list down recommendations from these lists)

The Ostracism of Guilty Pleasures – An Anime Discussion + My Top 5 by Biblionyan
Biblionyan didn’t just discussed the term “Guilty Pleasure” but also shared their opinions about it while welcoming other’s thoughts too. This one is a must-read and must-joined discussion. Also, you guys should check out the top 5 animes they shared. I already did and they’re awesome. (TAG/s: Anime)
Can people stop pretending they are superior? – AKA: elitism closes doors
by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
Personally, I think Scott touched a sensitive issue but handled it well. And though he focused on elitism on anime, all fandom communities(literature, music, films) would relate to this discussion. MUST-READ. (TAG/s: Anime, Fandoms, Entertainment)
Chloe shared 8 Supporting Characters from Anime that she thinks are underrated. I quite agree with her list and you guys will see these characters in new light after reading this post or if you haven’t seen the shows they’re in, you’ll look out for them when you do. (TAG/s: Anime, Underrated Characters)
More LGBT+ Representation in Comics (Part 2)  by Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime)
Apparently, Zoe already shared a first batch of LGBT+ comics and that it was a great post and many liked it that she made another one. Honestly, when I read her recommendations, I instantly added them on my To-Watch List. (TAG/s: Anime, Comics, LGBT)
BONUS: Priyasha’s Books That I Think Could Be Future Classics



2. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO Category (Reviews/Reactions)

Touken Ranbu is an anime series based on a video game with the same name. Personally, I haven’t watched it but Mel’s review made me want to. Mel gives such amazing insights about the 2-season show that you’d know what to expect from them and I was intrigued. (TAG/s: Anime)
March Comes in Like a Lion is Over, and I Have Feelings About That by YA Boy Jack (The Aniwriter)
Jack shares why this manga series is one of his favorite shows of all time. He called his review as just some incoherent ramblings but I somehow disagree 🙂 🙂 🙂 I actually find his review very coherent, he convinced me to check out this show. This manga seems to have some emotional depth in the story that most of us might love. (TAG/s: Manga)
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club * – Anime Review by Sir Meliodas
Sir Meliodas’ on-point review surely got my attention. Especially that he said it is in 3 genres he usually doesn’t watch but guess what, that didn’t stop him to rate this show 9.5/10. So what are we waiting for? 🙂 🙂 (TAG/s: Anime)
A COLUMN OF FIRE BY KEN FOLLETT by Noriko (BookFiend Site)
Nori didn’t just share her thoughts about the technical aspects (Plot, writing, characters) of the book, she also highlighted what the book made her feel, which is amazing. It makes her review more precious and worth reading. I haven’t read this book but she rated it 5-stars so… (TAG/s: Books(finally), Literature)
BONUS: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
Review of Father Figure by James J Cudney
The Passage



3. DELICATE Category (Posts that deal with delicate issues such us Mental Health)

Why Anime Helped to Free Me From My Phobia by: A Nerdy Perspective
Nerdy Perspective shared their experience with their phobia and how anime helped them deal with it in some ways. I find this post very inspiring and you might too. More importantly, I find their outlook in life so amazing. 🙂 🙂 (TAG/s: Health, Phobia, Anime)
Anime ABC’s N is for NHK ni Youkoso! by Jon (Jon Spencer Reviews aka this project’s creator)
The title is so catchy (Nice one Jon). Anyway, this one is actually a review, and a very honest one, but I chose to put it under DELICATE instead on the previous category because Jon went a little personal in this review and I can totally relate. It turns out this anime deals with issues Jon had experienced which I did too. You guys, you have to read this post. (TAG/s: Anime, Review, Health)


4. GORGEOUS Category (Posts I found aesthetic and artistically beautiful-blame it to my artist alter ego.)

A walk through the woods by Mike James Cole
Aaahhh, this post is just beautiful. Through this post, Mike took us to an amazing walk in the woods with his photos and videos. You guys need to see this one. It’s so relaxing. (TAG/s: Photography, Videography, Poetic)
What Do Any of Us Have Left When Words Fail Us? : A Look into Lyrics (OWLS Blog Tour) by Auri
This post can be under READY FOR IT category too as it features lists of songs or rather lyrics of songs Auri has carefully chosen. How could I say Auri carefully chosen them, well, you have to see the lyrics. They’re simply heartfelt. Just beautiful. I even saw some of my favorite songs in the list. Now maybe, I’m being biased. hehe.  (TAG/s: Music, Songs, List)
Carnival Phantasm and the Rules of Comedy by Astral Gemini (The Zodiac Room)
Another post that should be under READY FOR IT, but guys, this post is just beautifully written. I didn’t hesitate to put it in GORGEOUS,. The title pretty much says what it’s about and though it may not interest others, I can assure you this is a very informative post and well-written too. (TAG/s: Anime)
FATHER’S LOVE.. by Sana Mahin (Mahin’s World)
This post is a poem dedicated to Sana’s father and it’s a gem. My heart melt at her words about/for her father. The love and adoration are just so apparent. I think you’re all gonna love this one as I did. (TAG/s: Poetry)



5. CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT TO Category (Posts i’m baffled where to put)

Why Do I Blog? by Arthifis
In this post, Arthifis shared the reasons why they’re blogging. The blog idea was born because of a workmate and we might wanna thank that workmate. LOL. Arthifis while stating their reasons of blogging, the post actually speaks for all bloggers. Now when someone ask you why you’re blogging, refer to this post. Or when you’re having doubts why you’re blogging, read this post to remind you why you’re doing this. Amazing, right? (TAG/s: Blogger, Blogs, Blogging)

There you have it guys, Creator Showcase: Taylor Swift Edition I mean, MAY EDITION. Hehe. 🙂 🙂 Again thank you all so much for submitting your precious posts. I enjoyed reading them and I’m sorry I can’t feature everything in one post. I love you all.
Hope you really check out all the featured contents in this showcase, and enjoy reading them as much as I did. Thanks a bunch to Jon for creating this project and see you all next month. Next showcase will be hosted by Karandi. Be sure to watch out for their announcement. I think they’re just waiting for my post as this serve as passing the torch. God, I’m a terrible host.
Okay bye now.


*PHOTOS are from Google though I already edited them.*


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