Hour Twelve – 24 hour Readathon [June 2018]

Hi Book Dragons,


Fact about me, I hate stereotypes. And that’s exactly what i’m getting in the ARC I’m currently reading.

So I’m in hour twelve of our Readathon. Usually, I’ve finished two books by this time. I always finish four books in our Readathons, one in each quarter. But this time I don’t think I’d be able to do that. After reading my first book, I spent at least an hour browsing my books, having a hard time choosing my next read. If you haven’t read my first update six hours ago, maybe you don’t know that my plan on reading The Lunar Chronicles have been changed due to some unfortunate events.

Lol, so serious.


Anyway, it left me with no TBR list.  And it’s so time-consuming choosing what to read next, I end up reading late. In the end I chose reading an ARC.

38104178I can’t say this book is a bad book, it just have some aspects I don’t like. But I still have a quarter to read so maybe my opinions change before I’m done reading it. My main complain about this book is – SEE MY OPENING SENTENCE.

I might post a ranty review later. I want to say something that really bothered me.


So nothing exciting happened since Hour Six. Obviously I’m not enjoying my read that much. But I do enjoy chatting with other participants. Hope they’re having better reads than I do.

I’ll be back later for my 3rd update. And maybe by that time, I’m already up to making reviews. Right now I just need coffee and rush through this ARC. 

Scratch that, I think I want a nap. It’s 8 a.m. here anyway, and I haven’t slept a bit since yesterday. Another fact about me: My sleeping time is daytime. Usually I sleep at 6 a.m. and wake up at 3 p.m. So I’m awake all night. I’ve been doing this since March and my body has already adjusted itself.

Okay, later guys.





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