Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

This is a Reread...

469901TITLE: Mr. Perfect

BY: Linda Howard

GENRE: Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Contemporary

PUBLICATION: July 1st 2003 by Pocket Books


3.5 stars

The gist of the story is this: Four (4) Women, workmates and friends who meet every Friday night at a bar to hang-out. One Friday, these women; Marci, Luna, T.J and Jaine ended up talking about men and by the end of the night, they made a checklist of things they would want Mr. Perfect have. It was all for fun, until one of them died and the whole thing became a big media circus, endangering the remaining women. Jaine, fortunately have someone to run to, her hot police detective neighbor, Sam, who luckily is more than willing to help her and her friends even though the two of them started in a not-so-good terms.

As stated above, this is a reread. But oh God, did my opinion about it change a lot. I remember this book threw me into a Linda Howard mania. As of now, I’ve read ten of her books already. And ‘After the Night’ became one of my all-time fave romances. Needless to say, when I first read this book, I rated it 5 stars.

I love Romantic Suspense novels. as you all know I started as a reader with a John Grisham book at age of 8 so I love suspense, crimes and mysteries, add some romance to these genre, and I’m so sold. Like…


I still love the suspense this novel have given me. If I haven’t read this before, I’d be very, very giddy to guess who on earth is messing up with my girls. They just made a list for fun, I remember my friends and I doing the same in highschool. It’s frustrating that some psycho is making a big deal about the list but at the same time as a reader, this gets me hyped. And I wasn’t disappointed at the reveal, even if I’m reading it the 2nd time. I still like how the suspense was handled by the author. There were right amounts of reveal thrown in every chapter until the big one. And of course the suspense made the romance more amazing.

The first time we are introduced to Jaine, she was having a problem with her neighbor whose name she doesn’t know yet (she’s new to the neighborhood) and whom she thought is a drunkard. Well, he, Sam, is usually unshaven, bloodshot-eyed and surly. But their dislike to each other was short-lived as their attraction was palpable. Did the banters stopped? No, no and no. Their banters lived and that’s because Sam and Jaine are both great characters. Jaine is sassy and smart, Sam is well, surly but sweet and swoony. (Aaaw, look at me coming up with adjective all starts with S). Needless to say, I love the romance. It was so sweet and just perfect. Their conversations are so fun to read, I want more of them. And the sexual tensions and sex scenes, PERFECT.

I liked it that both romance and suspense was balanced all throughout the book. One didn’t step aside to give way to the other. The romance kept going the same way the suspense did. It was a perfect blend. But of course I have some complains. I must say, this novel is NOT Ms. Howard’s best work. It’s so average. Not the entire plot, just the writing. There are plenty of info-dumpings. Like a name of a person/place/thing is mentioned, it will be followed with one or two paragraphs of infos about what’s mentioned. And it was written like ABC.

Thank God, the characters and the crime was more than enough to make me read till the end. And that’s saying a lot ’cause this is a reread. I could’ve just DNF it since I already know what’s gonna happen but I didn’t despite my complains. So I highly recommend this book, you’d want to meet Sam and Jaine and the others too. 🙂

On the side note, this book threw me into a Romantic Suspense Readings...

Happy Reading Guys…


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12 thoughts on “Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard

      1. Yeahhh my expectations when it comes to writing have definitely changes since I read a lot of Howard’s books hahaha. So I’m curious to see what I’ll think of it now…

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeees! That one’s definitely my fave too and I forget how many times I’ve read it 😛 and I don’t re-read books very often! I might actually have to pick it up again very soon muahahaha

            Liked by 1 person

  1. This novel sounds so interesting! Maybe, I will try reading it. I think every writer has to take a couple books to perfect their writing, and I guess this is one of them. I hope you enjoy it your third time around! 🙂


  2. Small world, this was one of my first Linda Howard books as well. I have not read too many by her yet, but have a lot of the paperbacks on my shelf. I should try another one. As we get older and our reading habits change, these rereads often are surprising. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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