The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

29367958TITLE: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

BY: Mariana Zapata

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary, Sports

PUBLICATION: February 28th 2016 (Kindle)



‘I deserve better, asshole.’  

After mouthing that, Vanessa Mazur literally walked out of the door and finally quit her job as assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to NFO Defensive Player of the year, Aiden Graves. She just had had enough working for the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg who couldn’t even give her a simple hello in the past 2 years she’d work for him. But after few weeks, Aiden shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she thought he was asking for the impossible. But what do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants? And what if he’s offering something she couldn’t say no to?

“I was going to murder his ass.”

This must be one of the best opening lines I’ve ever read. And when I dived into this novel, I didn’t know what I’m getting except that it’s gonna be a romance and a slow-burned one. Well, it is a romance (duh?) but I never thought it’s gonna be the slowest burn romance I’ve ever read. And *gasp* I liked loved it. If you’re looking for fast-paced romance, this isn’t for you. Aiden and Vanessa really underwent to each stage before the romance was finally realized. They went from employee-employer, friends, and then lovers. So you see, it’s gonna be a long path before the HEA.

And by the way, just so I’m clear, this novel is NOT slow-paced, the romance was the only thing slowly developed but the PLOT was well-paced.

But was I bored? NOPE!!! It’s the kind of romance we don’t usually see in contemporary nowadays that always starts with undeniable sexual attraction. Don’t get me wrong, I love those novels too but this one, it’s something else. It’s the kind of story that left you SATISFIED, overwhelmed in a good way and really, really happy.

If you hate insta-love you’d love Aiden and Van’s story because the author certainly took her time developing the romance. Along with it is the development of the characters that was really amazing.  Aiden and Van are two very different people, with different principles and dreams. And it’s very realistic because like real people, they tried working on and respecting those differences for the sake of their new setup. (Not gonna say what their new setup is)

And oh how I loved the journey I take with these two amazing characters. Vanessa is so smart and I admire her even from the start. Though the novel opens with her being a little pushover but that only lasted like a chapter. I loved how she stood up for herself finally. Like ‘I deserve better, asshole’ and then she’s gone. Also I understood why she had to last  two years before quitting her job to Aiden, and then later, gave in to Aiden’s plan. But she did give Aiden a hard time before she said yes so there were lots  of groveling and begging. And I’m dead!!!

Aiden, on the other hand, was really an ass. Not the annoying kind, I kinda understand him. He’s just too focus and too driven that he’s oblivious to whatever and whoever is around him. Actually Van admire that personality of his. I wouldn’t call him selfish, just really too driven. And I love how he try making Van understand that to him. It’s like he really want her to see him beneath that personality. Wow, when he and Van had an agreement, Jeez, he really made up for the last 2 years he was an ass. He was so sweet inside.


I’m forever cheering for ‘TEAM GRAVES’. Yep, that exist in the novel. And that ending, fudge!!! I felt like I wanna cry over the sex scene. Ridiculous, I know but OMG, just read it.

As for the side characters, I’m only in love with Zac, he lives with Aiden and his friendship with Vanessa is goals. Like seriously… And of course there’s Leo, though he turned up at the last quarter of the book, i’m fine with it. 🙂 🙂 You guys, I love Leo. 🙂 Vanessa’s family I can do without and thankfully, Vanessa knows how to handle them now. Oh well, there’s  always Aiden to back her up. 🙂

Okay, I know this book might not be for everybody but I encourage everyone to give it a chance. This book will really give you such satisfaction in the end. 🙂 And if you’ve read this book? How was it?

Let’s chat.

Happy Reading,


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