Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

33288638TITLE: Wait for It

BY: Mariana Zapata

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary

PUBLICATION: December 7th 2016 by Amazon Digital Services LLC



When her brother died, Diana Casillas inherited the custody of her two nephews, Josh and Louie. Now, two years later, she can admit that she doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time. And she thought adulthood isn’t supposed to be so hard. Besides she’s in a new house, she has Josh, Lou and their giant dog and a job she loves. She couldn’t possibly ask for more. Especially not a boyfriend or husband.

But came her neighbor, Dallas. But swear she wasn’t trying a move on him. She has no intention of getting into his pants. They’re just friends

Sorry guys, I can’t come up with more coherent synopsis for this book. Truth is, I don’t even know how to describe it without giving away too much of the story. But I tried and will try again to give a good review….

So far I’ve read 4 books by Mariana Zapata already and I can say that this one is my second favorite. It has everything I love. No, scratch that. Actually, it has something I wouldn’t have liked in my romance but knowing this author, she has a way of making the good things in the story stand out and handle perfectly the dislikeable stuff.

Note that I said handled perfectly. It was handled NOT ignored.

There were many good things that stood out. First is our heroine, Diana. I met her in The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. She was the heroine’s bestfriend there (and I’m glad to see Van and Aiden here. They made a cameo appearance.)  Diana is a very strong heroine despite what she thinks of herself. Even though she thinks she’s not doing a good job at being a single mother and she always want to cry (she did few times throughout the story), still she’s doing a really great job. Big proof is how J and Lou love and respect her. I also love the way her struggles as a mother were shown realistically, her experiences weren’t embellished.

And she’s really funny. She makes me laugh everytime she tries not to cuss. She was trying to change for the sake of her babies but old habits die. hehe. Anyway, I enjoy reading her thoughts. I enjoy everything about her and I cry as she grieves for her brother.

Louie(5) and Josh(10 going 11) are real sunshine. I really love these two boys. They’re so adorable, I wanna adopt them too. But I wouldn’t want to take them away from Diana. It will kill her. And the boys loved her so much they won’t go with me anyway. They wouldn’t want to leave their Aunt Di or Buttercup. 🙂


Now for Dallas, the hunky neighbor. I respect Dallas so much, his loyalty to a person even if she doesn’t deserve it, was just incredible. His vows, he lived for. This is what I  would’ve hated in this story: he was married and he’s still married when he met Diana. But he’d been separated with his wife for years and yet Dallas remain faithful to his wife which plays a big part on how the romance between him and Diana played out. And I loved it.

Dallas and Diana’s romance was that kind you wouldn’t mind waiting for long to happen. Just as the title says, Wait for it. It was amazing. And it helped that the story was packed with funny banters, touching scenes and incredible side characters so waiting for HEA is  definitely worth it.

Overall, this is another great read from Mariana Zapata. Hope you guys get to pick this and like it too.

Happy Reading.


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