WWW Wednesday #26

Hi Guys,


This meme is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. If you guys want to do a recap of your reading week and a TBR for the next, this meme is perfect. That’s exactly what I use this meme for. hehe.

#3 Questions are to be answered:

1.) What are you currently reading?


Honestly, I haven’t started this one yet but is my very next read. Like I gotta start it after posting this. I’m reading this for a blog tour and so I gotta hurry. hehe.

And look at that cover. I love black and white covers.. Actually I like black and white in everything, do you?


2.) What did you recently finished?

The only books I read last week were the one I read in our 24-hour readathon.

3.) What do you think you’ll read next?

I actually have no idea. Can you guys help me? Really, I need help. I’m not really in a slump, I just don’t know what book or genre I should read next after the ARC I’m currently reading. 🙂

This is me for the week. How about you guys? You can leave your links below and I will check them out. My Reader don’t show me everything. Actually, I think I’ve been seeing fewer and fewer new posts lately. Is anyone having the same problems?

Okay, let’s talk about books.


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36 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #26

  1. I’m going to be starting UNSUB by Megan Gardiner hopefully today and then me and Noriko will be starting our buddy read of Coraline by Neil Gaiman in the 5th. I haven’t really thought past those two though.

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  2. I do like black and white…and I LOVED The Client, which I read many years ago.

    Enjoy your books…and whatever you pick next.

    I don’t use the reader for blog posts…I use e-mail subscriptions, so that I can see the actual blog when I read.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Lili.

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  3. I said it yesterday over on twitter, but yes fewer and fewer posts are showing up in the reader. Today though…things seem pretty normal, as there are a lot of posts to read. Maybe it’s just because it’s summertime and people are taking it slow? 🤔🤔

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      1. Have you ever read the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover? I loved it! I haven’t liked much of her stuff after but that’s good romance. Fantasy- Reign the Earth, Cruel Prince, Dread nation, Shatter Me series, An Ember in the Ashes, Sky in the Deep. Illuminae is more sci-fi fantasy but it’s such a quick, great read. Lots of awesome illustration. I know, you have probably read a few of these but they are on the top of my head!

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  4. I have no idea what to recommend you because I’ve been enjoying the stuff I’ve been reading but not really loving any of it enough to recommend to people. nice work on the readathon, even if that’s the only reading you got in during the week!

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  5. Wow, you read four books during the read-a-thon? That is impressive. You must read way faster than me and I’m known to read fast sometimes. I think if I were to reread a series b/c I was in a slump, I’d reread the Kate Daniel series and the Court of Thorns and Roses one also.

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