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Oh I love this tag so much. I saw this one from Angela @TheCatWithABook and I enjoyed her answers I decided to do it too. So without further ado…

1.) What age did you start reading Romance novels?

As  you all know, I started reading at 8 but that time I was only interested with Legal dramas/thrillers, mysteries and suspense. And I’m not really sure how old I am when I decided to read Romance but it was during my highschool days.

2.) If you could pick one hero to meet from your favourite romance novels who would it be and why?

Are you kidding me? I’m not gonna answer this one, I just can’t. There’s plenty of them…But then the question starts with IF… If I could.. well, I can’t.. hehe…

3.) Who are your favourite romance authors and why?

Mariana Zapata, Lisa Kleypas, Nicholas Sparks, Jane Austen, Lauren Blakely, Tessa Dare..

The list goes on….

4.) What is a favourite romance novel to re-read?

Also plenty… hehe.. But I can give you few..


Yep, that’s few. hehe

5.) What book would you recommend to a non-romance reader?

If you want to try a  contemporary Romance, I highly recommend Lauren Blakely… her books are always fun, great heroes and strong heroines. Also, all her characters are loyal.. no cheating at all… And her plots are not really that complicated so pure  enjoyment. And yep, they’re steamy. Just look at this cover….

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

If you want some Historical? Tessa Dare’s and Lisa Kleypas’ books are perfect. ALso Julie Garwood and Julia Quinn.

And if you want some slow burn romances? Mariana ‘Queen’ Zapata is for you…

Suspense? Linda Howard is the ONE!!! or Julie James.

Obviously, I have so many to recommend…

6.) Which is your favourite: contemporary, suspense, or historical and why?

I love all of these genres or  should I say subgenres of Romance. JUST LOOK AT MY ANSWERS in the previous question…

There you have it guys… This is a very short tag but I enjoyed it so much. maybe THAT’s why I enjoyed it… hehe…

I’m tagging…

Jordanne  | Bree | Kay | Emma | Lily | Candyce & Isabelle | And anyone who has time to do the tag. hehe

Hope you guys enjoy doing it too. 🙂



23 thoughts on “The Romance Reader Book Tag

  1. I love romance in books; however, I don’t read a lot of books centered around a romance. Or maybe I do? I’m not sure. I love Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, and I would like to try The Hating Game. Thanks for some recommendations for noobs (like moi!)! Have a great day!

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    1. hehe.. I do notice that you’re into so much romance unlike me who wants all my reads to have a touch of romance… 🙂 🙂 I have read jenny han’s books? but I’ve seen the trailer in the movie, I think I wanna try it.


      1. Fantasy is my hobbit hole; yet, I love when an author can create a great romance. I just need the authors to give me a something to root for. Other than that the world might explode if the protagonists don’t make out in the next five seconds. Not like that is the most important thing. (YES. YES, IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!)

        I wish I could watch the To the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie. I’ve heard he representation is great and the romance is so cute! However, I don’t have Netflix so online reviews will be enough. *sigh*

        I hope you enjoy watching it if you do! Have a great day!

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        1. Hahaha.. fantasy is one of the best genres, and it’s even greater with great romance in it. 🙂 And lol, that’s not the most important thing. IS IT? hahaha..

          I think I’m gonna read the book first but i’m having doubts.


  2. Oh, hey! Thank you sm for the tag, this looks like a ton of fun (even though I typically avoid romance). I’ve been on hiatus, so I just saw this, but I’ll be sure to write this out as soon as I can. 🙂 And, btw, your answers were lovely as usual and this post was super fun to read through. ❤

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