The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Long Review)

32620332TITLE: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

BY: Taylor Jenkins Reid

GENRE: Historical, LGBTQIA, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary

PUBLICATION: June 13th 2017 by Atria Books



To say that Monique Grant was surprised was understatement. How can a legendary star as Evelyn Hugo, personally asked for her to be the star’s interviewer? Monique was just a struggling writer at Vivant Magazine and even her personal life isn’t at all amazing. But Evelyn wanted her. Led to believe that she’d write about Evelyn’s dresses, Monique was surprised once again when Evelyn revealed she wants her to write her own biography. 

Why her? And why Evelyn suddenly wants to have her biography written? No one knows but despite questions and doubts in mind, Monique gave in to Evelyn’s wants thinking it’s her career’s best chance. What she didn’t expect was , it’s not just her career that’s about to change but herself. And as revelations unfold thru Evelyn’s story, Monique finally gets the answers to the questions she had in mind before agreeing to Evelyn’s wants. Unfortunately, she also got answers to questions she didn’t even ask… 

The first time I heard about this book, I was like,


I mean, the title. Seven Husbands? I was sure there’d be cheating, love triangles and all other stuffs I don’t like in my reads. But then unbelievably high ratings popped up. Then I was like,


Should I read it? So what I did was to read all the reviews by my ever-trusted reviewers and darn it, they all gave this book 5 stars. It was Simon Vs. all over again. My trusted reviewers, all of them, gave Simon 5 stars too. So I finally pick up Evelyn and I ended up…

YES, I’M A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then the big question came in: How to review this book? How?

How can i review a book that is SO good, I feel like I’m not worthy to say anything about it? A book that messed up your feelings only very few books did? That’s why I waited for a week to make this review. Now I’m ready. My emotions are now bit contained and not anymore in charge. My mind is so much clearer.

First, the storytelling is nothing spectacular, or this author’s writing style isn’t that unique or something I’ve seen before. Not even flowery language which is my favorite. At least for me, that’s how it was. You might think, ‘well, that doesn’t sound like a compliment.’ Oh but it is.

See, this author didn’t bother to make her language aesthetic, to beautify her storytelling or writing style just so people read her books, no she simply created a character that she knows will get in reader’s hearts and minds and stay there. Sure it has an amazing plot too, but this book is one of those books that’s both plot-driven and character-driven. Only it’s more character-driven. Because Evelyn Hugo, is freaking unforgettable. So amazing and relatable. So badass, though she’s no assassin and doesn’t even have some amazing skill or whatever. She’s not even the most talented star of her time, but legendary nonetheless.

She’s just so…. HUMAN. So real, my heart’s breaking for her and for Celia. And even for her seven husbands. Seriously. No matter how twisted her past relationships with them. No matter how flawed they are. Flawed. yep that’s what makes us human and that made Evelyn Hugo and the rest of the characters of this book so freaking unforgettable.

God, my heart is aching. And is it too much to say that I find this book life-changing? But every book that made me think and feel, really feel, is life-changing. Evelyn reminds me how wrong the world I’m living in and that the people around me is fighting a battle only them can ever understand. And that I must not compare my own struggles to them and never underestimate them because I know nothing. I can never know the whole thing about them. One more thing Evelyn taught me is that everyone, I repeat EVERYONE, deserves to be happy.

I’m sorry guys, I said my emotions aren’t in charge anymore but here I am…


Evelyn Hugo ruined me, in a good way, of course. Especially that I know there’s a big heart in her chest. She’s empowering. She’s the kind of person I wanna be but of course I don’t wanna get through the stuffs she did. But I hope I have the guts, all the guts she have. She’s not just spectacular.

She’s a SPECTACLE herself.

And let me just add, how heartbreaking to read about a relationship that you know is bound to end. My heart ache everytime she marries someone, even the eight marriage she had. I ached there too though it was more of a happy ache. I’m not gonna say anymore  about her 8th marriage but look out for it guys.

Okay, that’s all I can say. Needless to say, I highly recommend this one. This is probably one of the best books I’ve read in the last decade. Inspiring, empowering and captivating. You guys might wanna meet Evelyn Hugo. You really should.

Let’s chat about these books and other books that stayed with you, long after you’ve read them.

Happy reading,


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26 thoughts on “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Long Review)

  1. Has anyone ever told you that your reviews are getting better all the time? No? Well..let me be the first to do that than: Your reviews, which were pretty spectacular in the first place, are getting better all the time!!! 😊😊 Loved reading this one, and your enthusiasm really was infectious! Great post! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Scream!!!* That’s one of the best things any reviewer love to hear.. ❤️💜❤️ I don’t know if you’d like this novel, probably not. hehe.. but I must thank you for always reading my reviews even if it’s for books in genre you don’t like much. 🙂 ❤️


    1. OMG thank you. ❤️💜❤️ 🙂 Hope you get to read this one soon. 🙂 And yes to that cover. I loved it too and trust me, when you meet Evelyn Hugo, you’ll realize how personal that cover is. 🙂


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