A Bookish Letter to the Bookish Community (Guest Post)

Hi Guys,

I really don’t know how guest posting works but really wanna share this post in my blog so I just copied the content and well post it here. Don’t worry, I asked for a permission. This was written by my younger internet sister Nicole. She’s amazing and i truly respect her even though are age differences is massive. So anyway, she posted this one her blog last week, hope you enjoy it.

And I encourage everyone to visit her site: @NewBookCatsReads

Dear All in the Book Community,

To introduce myself, I am Nicole, or am known as newbookcats on the line, and I run my blog NewBookCatsREADS. Most likely, you have never heard of a book and cat getting along unless if the cat is allowed to play with the pages; however, on my blog, anyone who can appreciate the luxurious smell of a book or the tiniest sound you hear when you flip a page is my friend.

I might dwell on the great smell of books for a while, but who can keep away from the sweet smell of a new or old book?
Anyway, the book community has become a part of me; therefore, I need to give thanks to it through a letter listing ten reasons why I believe the book community is one of the best ones in the world. Gather your tissues and enjoy the list because books are a few of my favorite things! *imagine I have Julie Andrews’ voice for just a minute*

10 Reasons Why the Book Community is Awesome:

1. You can grow in this community.

I have only been a book blogger for a little more than a year and a book lover for all my life; yet, just reading more and interacting with others in the book community, whom are all on the internet, I have somehow grown. It’s not in the sense that I’ve grown away from the books I read when I was younger (since I will always love my childhood books), but my reading tastes have changed. Instead of giving five stars to every book I have read just because I like an element, I’ve found what qualities in books make me cry, laugh, and immediately rush to the next page because the angst is so angsty! Plus, my writing has grown so much, too. Once, I was the baby who didn’t know how to put her own style into her writing; now, I have grown into a cat who can eat cakes, kick butt, and write it all! But…I’ve run out of cake.

2. Friends!

Through my love of books and being goofy, I have somehow attracted friends instead of running them away. I am not sure why my friends, inside and outside of the community, stay with me, but that is an anomaly for another day.

In other words, my old friends and new ones are the greatest thing I’ve made while becoming a blogger. I wish I had met you sooner, but I am so glad that you are my friends now! 😍

3. More books!

Becoming a more knowledgeable bookworm was one of my main priorities when I started book blogging. I wanted to know more about my most anticipated reads and see if I could get a sneak peek at them as well. I love books! If you didn’t already know this, look at the pictures of books everywhere and tell me I’m not one. I dare you! Anyway, through the course of exploring all ze books, I have found my stack of books getting bigger.

  • I would also like to take a moment to thank my mom and other family members who have sent me books or money in order to buy myself the books I want. In addition, I would like to thank all the authors, publicists, book publishers, and so many more for sending me their books for review purposes. I know I am not quick with my feedback because I like to get into detail and school is always in the way, but I still thank you so much for believing in my small blog and me. 💖💖💖
Plus, I love the smell of fresh recommendations in the morning!

4. The book community accepts everyone!

No matter who you are or what you are, the book community accepts you. Like my blog, all that matters is if you are willing to have a conversation on all things nerdy and are nice about it. You can rant; however, you still have to be respectful. I love that you can identify yourself as a dragon that eats whole turkeys for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few snacks throughout the day and night. You are still a reader, and everyone appreciates your opinion.

5. Very supportive audience!

From the day when Sasha Alsberg, co-author of Zenith, started explaining that she would be co-writing Zenith to the day when Queen Cait Drews aka Paperfury announced her debut, A Thousand Perfect Notes, the book community has swarmed them and all the other bloggers who have decided to become authors with great warmth. Butterfly wings* encircle all the future words we will begin to read from our favorite creators. I cannot wait to see more bloggers become authors!

*Did you get that?🦋📚

6. I can freak out over my favorite authors, and there are others who will open their books with me, crack the spines, and spill all the book tea*!

When I posted my review of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, I got an immense amount of comments from fellow booknerds telling me that Cassandra Clare is the light of their world, metaphorically and literally. I was so excited to talk about my favorite author and one of her many books. Plus, we all agree you should try reading any of the books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. You will not be disappointed.

*Metaphorically, of course! No books were harmed in the making of this post.

7. There is something for every booknerd.

For the people who believe the movie is always better than the book or for the people who believe that dog-earing is the right way to save your last read page, there is something for everyone. You can obsess over a really old classic that is hard to find. You can obsess over the latest episode of Sherlock or complain when you see that Watson played by Martin Freeman is not wearing the monocle you always envisioned him wearing. Most likely, you will find a person who loves that book as much as you.

8. Cute photos are all around us!

Knowing how to take great pictures is an art I know I can never truly master; however, the bookstagram, aka the area of Instagram where everything is always bookish, community has somehow made my bottom lip drop to the ground and my heart grow three times bigger. It may be crazy to think that the books may be spying on us; however, it’s a little scary how one book can make a picture stunning.* Plus, a bunch of books is pleasant!

*Please, all bookstagram kings and queens, send help and cookies my way. Thanks in advance!

9. Books deliver you places you never expected to go; then, you can go on a journey with a bunch of friends.

Although I may have already dabbled into “Friends are great, and why do I have them?” column, books can bring you closer to a lot of things. Books are an escape for me. Once I find a book that comforts me, I then start finding that others have feelings the same as mine about a certain book. Then, I can go on an adventure through castles, space, or time travel so I can visiting the day that Laini Taylor’s Muse of Nightmares releases. I NEED THE SEQUEL NOW! Learning that I have my own band of space pirates or Shadowhunters helps when something extremely bad happens in a book, like in Lord of Shadows. 😿 I always have cupcakes being thrown at me and an endless supply of tissues with me at all times.

10. Most importantly, I can be myself.

When I was in middle school, I was in the heights of my book addiction. All I wanted to do was talk about my newfound favorites and carry the books I was currently reading everywhere I went.

Yes, it’s time to say we’re just like Rory so we can sniff books and not get judged. Anyway, some people, like my teachers and some friends, were supportive of my enthusiasm for these weird things entirely made out of paper and beautiful words that would become permanently imprinted on my brain; however, most people wanted to talk about who was dating whom or who caused what or why my social life was crumbling in front of my eyes.

I know. Me? Not have an active social life? Let me show you the book I am currently reading. Then, we’ll talk.

To continue my prior topic, although it became a habit for me to carry around my books and grab the knowledge of a couple pages at the first chance I got, most people wanted me to put down the books and burn all the pages in a fire. Throughout the last half of eighth grade, I began wanting a place to input my feelings for the latest books I read; however, I was scared as my parents always told me that everything is permanent on the internet. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. By the end of ninth grade occurred, I started my blog and threw care to the wind. I didn’t care who saw my words nor my insistent nagging that everyone should read my favorite books. I realized that making a blog where I could be myself was not a mistake. It was an open door to a lot of opportunities, the ones I have experienced and the ones I have not.

In conclusion, if you are part of the book community or you are thinking of joining,

Everyone will welcome you! Whether you can hold one hundred and thirty-one books or just one, I promise you that you will find a place in the growing book community. However, you must make sure to express your emotions in GIFs or I may wonder why you are always writing the word “welcome” to me.*

*Just kidding. Or am I?❓❔

Anyway, I am just so happy that I can call a community my home in my home. At the current moment of writing this, it is 1:30 in the morning and I am wearing the fluffiest pajama pants ever. I am staring at every word, hoping that everything is spelled correctly. I cannot wait to find myself on the internet once again tomorrow to look up the latest news of bookish update and why my cat is becoming an author. Although I may not be the best or the biggest or the kindest or the most informative blogger, I certainly do call myself a proud bookworm.

Your fan,

17 thoughts on “A Bookish Letter to the Bookish Community (Guest Post)

  1. Nicole @ NewbookcatsREADS says:

    Aww, Lili! You never had to do this! Thanks for the kind words and the guest post! *ships buckets of chili ice cream* I don’t even know what to write. Happy tears might as well be falling off my face. I am glad that you enjoyed this post so much to put it on your blog. I’m still so flabbergasted! 😮 Thanks for being my friend/sister! I don’t know what I would do without you! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Have a great day being one of the greatest book nerds in the world! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

      • Nicole @ NewbookcatsREADS says:

        Again, thanks! *Hugs* I’m so glad that everyone loves it so much! I never thought one of my posts would make people excited to be in the book community! *hides behind my book* I just want to thank everyone who has even glanced at this because this post means everything to me. (I may have cried at the end of writing this because this post comes from the heart.) Have the greatest day ever, Lili!


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