The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

36199084TITLE: The Kiss Quotient

BY: Helen Hoang

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

PUBLICATION: June 5th 2018 by Berkley (first published May 30th 2018)



For 30-year old Stella Lane, making algorithms is so much easier than dating. With her Asperger’s, it isn’t really easy for her to be intimate with others but she’s not getting any younger. Her parents think so too. But she knew she couldn’t do it alone. She needed lessons and for those, she chose Michael Phan, a half-Swedish half-Vietnamese escort who isn’t just a stunner, but also a great lover. 🙂 🙂

It should’ve been just lessons for Stella and just another job for Michael… But we all know that when love decided to be part of something, it can’t be put out. 


Let me start by saying that STELLA is one of my favorite names. I just love it so much and I love it more because of Stella Lane. I don’t usually say this about heroines in romance, but she stole my heart. She captivated my heart even before Michael did. it’s fascinating to see how much she loves her work and I might have teared once in a while reading about her. Reading how awkward she is, how worried she is with everything. But I don’t pity, no, in fact I respect her. She knew it will be hard for her but she listened to her parents anyway when they told her about their worries because she knew somehow, they’re right. So she did what she can do, she hired someone who could help her.

And then there’s Michael, and I got to see Stella opening up for him (figuratively and literally. hahaha) It was PERFECT. Everything about this book makes me smile.

Though at first, I must admit, I was scared to read this one because Michael is an escort. I have nothing against his job, if someone wants to do it, it’s okay. What I was scared of, is what if there’s shaming in the story like I might get angry and I don’t my reads making me angry. But this book surprised me, Michael is an escort and there’s no shaming in it in the story. I loved how it was handled. And oh, oh, oh, I love Michael so much. This is so embarrassing for me to say but if he’s the sex tutor ahm, I think I’m gonna enroll. Because man, he can really teach you a thing or four…


Thank God my parents don’t like internet, they will never read this. hahaha…

Also I thought reading this would be so awkward. We’re talking about 2 characters who are exactly opposite when it comes to intimacy. I’ve read this plot before before, one teaching the other about sex but never in a person with autism. It brings the plot in whole new level and awkwardness  is almost a sure thing. Let me tell you, there’s no awkwardness here, just pure cuteness and love that truly warmed my heart.

That being said, most of the reviews I read prior to reading this says it’s a heartwarming story. It’s cute and adorable. They’re all right but no one prepared me for how graphic the scenes are. yeah, I knew sex is a big part of the story but I never expected how erotic the scenes are. I’m telling you even if Michael and Stella aren’t having sex, the dialogues…………………………….

This makes sense though. He’s teaching her about it anyway. And we’re talking about every step of sex, every little step: from foreplay to fucking. Word by word. Stella takes everything literal, by the way. It’s in her nature. But note, I don’t find the lessons gross or too sexual and not anymore romantic, you know what I mean? Maybe because Michael is really a very sweet person that even while being sexual, he’s being romantic.

Autism was handled her perfectly and that’s five-star for me. It was NOT romanticized, it’s obvious the author made her research properly. The culture of Michael’s family was portrayed fine too. And by the way, Michael never had sex with others after meeting Stella. I know this info matters to others, it does to me, so even if this a bit spoilery, I’m letting you guys know.

BONUS NOTE: I so love that Ice cream scene and no guys, this isn’t THAT kind of scene. LOL. This is a sweet scene in public, It’s a cliche one but I so love it.

Hope you guys enjoy this book too and let me know your thoughts about it.

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18 thoughts on “The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

  1. I really liked it a lot, too! It’s a different type of romance novel, it’s sweet without being YA, and it’s graphic without being shallow – there’s so much depth in the story of Michael and Stella, I wouldn’t mind reading more about them if Helen Hoang ever decides to write a companion novel!

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  2. Oh my, graphic sex scenes? How interesting. Do you feel like it was like reading erotica? The main characters sound interesting. Have you read Susanna Kearsley’s A Desperate Fortune? There are dual timelines, past and present. In the present, the main character is autistic and can break codes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No it’s not like reading erotica… At least for me it’s not like the steamy reads with sex scenes about ripping each other’s clothes or the likes. hehe.. This one was steamy but the sweetness was always present because Michael is being very understandable while teaching Stella because of her autism. But still steamy. I think you’re gonna love this one Stefanie.


  3. Wonderful review Lili. I am not a big fan of sex scenes, but in this context, I can see why it is necessary. I want to read this one and am on the list at the library to get it. I shall see how I do with it. I am very familiar with Asperger’s so also want to see how that is handled, although I have heard good things about that aspect. Thanks for you thoughtful review.

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    1. I’m so excited to hear your thoughts on this.. I was really hesitant to read this one and was surprised to find it really entertaining. I even teared up few times because the story is really heartwarming…

      If you’re worried about sex scenes. I’m a fan of erotica and I can assure you that even though this book contains steamy scenes, I consider them as sweet scenes too. They’re not like the ones in erotica which is almost lust-driven. 🙂

      Enjoy… 🙂 🙂


  4. I’m looking forward to The Kiss Quotient so much! I’m so glad you loved it – it seems totally different than how I imagined, but maybe I’ll learn a thing or two! LOL! 😀

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