Twice Dead by Caitlin Seal

WARNING: Spoilers and  rants ahead…
37789954TITLE: Twice Dead

BY: Caitlin Seal

SERIES: The Necromancer’s Song #1

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult

PUBLICATION: September 18th 2018 by Charlesbridge Teen


3 stars

Naya Garth was just a simple merchant’s daughter until she found herself awaken from the dead. Murdered while having her first trade mission in a Necromancer-friendly country, Ceramor, her father’s friend, Ambassador Valn, took it to himself to save Naya by letting a Necromancer to perform a resurrection. When Naya woke up, she was horrified at the idea  of what the Necromancer did. As a Talmiran, she was raised to detest Necromancer’s power. The dead should be left dead. Worse, Naya isn’t just one of the UNDEAD, she’s a WRAITH. While Undead are animated corpses with their souls  attached to their dead bodies, Wraiths are merely ghosts, spirits that sucked energy from the living. And then she found she’s even more than a Wraith… And she has to work as a spy to help Talmir, her country to prevent a war against Necromancers that was once ended by a treaty.

That all being said, this book sounds so interesting. Right? I mean, Undead? necromancers, Wraith? Sucking the energy, AETHER, from the living? I mean, I’m all for it. The idea or concept of this book seemed so unique and it is. But that’s  where the uniqueness ended.

I was expecting an eerie, atmospheric read, they’re resurrecting dead for God’s sake, it supposed to be spooky and interesting but what I got is another story that involves romance, politics and intrigues. I know most books such as this one can have them, they’re not necessarily cliche BUT the writing made it like reading this is a chore and that I’m better picking up another book with the same issues.

Don’t get me wrong I still like the idea of the Necromancer but my love for it is buried under frustrations. See there is no silver lining in this book. Nothing to be excited about. The only thing to guess is who would betray who, like who’s the real bad people. And we’ve read that so many times before. If there would be twist in the future, I didn’t read any foreshadowing about it.

And if the pacing in the second book would still be like this, TOO SLOW, I’m gonna stop reading by the second chapter because really you can see if the pace would be good. This story went on like a freaking diary. A DIARY: No make it an hour-to-hour account of Naya’s supposedly interesting life. An example is here: I spent reading Chapter 2 until chapter 4 with Naya still in the same place listening to stories of who’s and whys and hows.

That’s maybe too spoilery and I warned you, didn’t I? But I have to make a point. The pacing is  soooooo slow and it goes on like that till the end. Like I said nothing to be excited about while reading, sure interesting things happen sometimes but they’re not enough. I needed more of the Necromancy thing, like I wanna see it in full power or maybe REAL, SCARY THING ABOUT IT, I don’t want to wait for Book 2 to see interesting things. I think it’s a mistake for making book 1 as sorta just a setup for the whole series. The Romance didn’t even make up for it.

The characters? Do I love any of them? NO? Do I wanna see them again? maybe.. I’m not a snob, even if I didn’t find a person interesting in first meeting, I’d still want to meet them, but I wouldn’t make an effort to do so. Know what I mean? Naya, our heroine, is really uninteresting, it seems to me that she does things all based on what others said. i’m not even sure what she’s fighting for?  I’m not sure of her principles aside from what her father’s led her to believe. Where’s her backbone anyway? Maybe she lost it when she became a wraith. Wraiths have no bodies anyway.

LILI, that’s RUDE!!!!

And she whines a lot. Even her inner monologues are filled with questions and whining.

I did like their expressions such as: ‘Creator guide you’ or ‘What in creations…’ I think that’s very unique in its own way.

Overall, this book has a HUGE potential, that’s why I gave it 3 stars despite my complains. The main problem is the pacing. I wish, really wish, it can be edited and omit those scenes I don’t need to read. And maybe add something more from book 2. That’s just my opinion and maybe I shouldn’t be giving opinions like this but I really wanna love this one. The main concept was very unique. I liked it. Thank God somebody had thought of a concept about the Undead that are not vampires. See how amazing is that?

I’m sorry this review is longer than my other reviews and filled with rants. But I needed to be honest.

I was granted a copy by the Publishers thru Netgalley…






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