Something About You by Julie James

6642402TITLE: Something About You

BY: Julie James

SERIES: FBI/US Attorney #1 (Can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Chick Lit 



Fate has thrown two sworn enemies, into each other’s arms…

Of all the hotels in Chicago, Assistant US Attorney Cameron Lynde chose a room next to one with heavy and hard sex going on, making sleep impossible. Worse, the activities next room ended up in a murder involving a poilitician and in which Cameron became an instant witness due to her being nosy. And of all the FBI Agents in Illinois, it has to be Special Agent Jack Pallas who gets assigned in the case. Both Cameron and Jack aren’t happy working with each other since they both did once and it ended with Jack  almost losing his job and getting transferred in Nebraska. And Cameron being bitch-slapped in front of National TV by Jack himself.

Reading this one I felt like having déjà vu and my first thought was the book’s too cliche but then there was a particular scene in a club that made me realize that I’ve read this one before. Before I joined Goodreads and I remembered liking it before. Based on my rating now, I still like it. It’s a perfect blend of Romance and suspense. But it’s not too suspense like Linda Howard’s books , the amount of suspense is just enough to make the reader feel giddy when the hero saves the heroine. And NO, it’s not that kind of story either where the heroine is too stupid that she needs saving all the time.

In fact I found Cameron, very strong, smart and likeable. The thing she did for Jack three years ago is a proof of her courage and good heart. And I liked it that the romance between Jack and Cam isn’t instant. Though, it was hinted that they liked each other, they took time to admit it to themselves and I just love the push and pull. It wasn’t overdone too so it wasn’t annoying. So obviously, the sexual tension simmer in a perfect pace until they’re inevitably gave in.

The suspense aspect helped the plot to flow smoothly. The Romance took the front seat but the suspense was there all the time making sure the romance isn’t rushed or dragged. Isn’t that amazing? I think that’s the reason why I loved romantic suspense out of all the Romance sub-genres. Because in Romantic suspense, there’s actually something more interesting going on other than the MCs ripping each other’s clothes. Family is a great plot point too but if you wanna just relax, I wouldn’t read drama. 🙂 Anyway, Julie James, the author know how to blend the genres.

Jack is the perfect hero. Aside from being hilarious, he was described as tall, dark and scowling. Make the last one glowering. He’s the perfect Alpha really. With his history with Cameron, he intended not to show her any soft side. But once he did show his affection to Cameron…


By the way, I read this one last August and since I was in a Contemporary Binge that time, I’ve been doing reviews for the same genre too so I was less enthused of doing another review. At least, I’m a little inspired now. I’m finishing the series.

So are you guys familiar with this book? Any recommendation in this genre? Let’s chat…


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9 thoughts on “Something About You by Julie James

  1. I always think it’s great that a book features a female lead that isn’t stupid and needs to be saved all the time. While there isn’t anything wrong with that per se, and can still make for an entertaining read, I just like strong characters much better. You really have been reading some great books lately: Another 4 stars is truly awesome 😊 And of course, this was also another review that I would give 5 stars! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe.. thank you.. It’s amazing when characters, especially female leads are not damsels in distress because really in real life, we’re not that helpless.. haha…

      Also I’ve read this one months ago, the review is just late and yeah it’s a good book but when it comes to contemporary romances like this, my bars are lower than with High fantasy novels. hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, well I think I recently said it in my Peppermint review: I think women can do all the things men do, and then some. So could not agree with you more 😊
        Haha, okay, well, still happy that you enjoyed the book so much. Looking forward to your next review! 😉😀

        Liked by 1 person

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