A Lot like Love by Julie James

coverTITLE: A Lot Like Love

BY:  Julie James

SERIES: FBI/US Attorney #2 (Can be read as standalone)

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense



She’s not his type, but since it’s just a fake date, it doesn’t matter…

As a top Undercover Agent, Nick McCall, knows what he’s doing when it comes to undercover assignments. So it shouldn’t have been difficult to pretend as billionaire heiress, Jordan Rhodes‘ date in an exclusive party and investigate its host. Besides she’s not his type. But when the investigation is compromised, a one-time date which Jordan only agreed in exchange for her brother’s release, turned into a pretence relationship.  And first impressions are changed, making Nick realized that she’s his type after all.

I love the chemistry between Nick and Jordan. They’re kinda like the people you might misjudge at first sight. Jordan is so rich and act like it, from her car to her boots. And she’s strong and wouldn’t let anyone scare her. Not even Nick with his Don’t-Fuck-With-Me face. Nick is focused and doesn’t do serious relationship. But when you get to know them, little by little, you’ll realize that Jordan, or Jordo to her brother, is just a loving sister and a hardworking person and so there’s nothing wrong for her to enjoy good things in life and Nick doesn’t do relationship due to his job.

And combined these two amazing characters are perfect combo. I enjoy their banters but I find them a little gentler and sweeter than the first couple in this series. Nick and Jordan are sweeter to each other and kinder. The banters stopped but that didn’t make the reading boring, instead it became heartwarming. It’s like the author made the readers truly enjoy the sweetness of being in a relationship. But if the first book is steamy, this one’s steamier…

Besides, the main plot of the story which is the case the FBI is working on makes the story more interesting. Though there’s danger, it forces Nick and Jordan spend more time with each other so it’s a good thing. I think I will never get tired of fake relationships in my Romance books. I liked everytime Nick becomes possessive and jealous boyfriend to Jordan. Or sometimes controlling.

Since they’re pretending, they’re playing characters and I enjoy their conversations that starts with …I think my character wants this… I think my character prefers… It’s so cute.

But there’s something some readers should be warned about. I already noticed this from first book. There are phrase  like ‘she’s a woman’, ‘he’s a guy so…’ and  something like that. For others these  phrase might appear sexist so be warned. Though I don’t think the author intend it to be that way. For me, it’s okay though because those phrases are thrown in hilarious conversations.

Hope you enjoy reading this…


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