Top 5 Tropes I’ve Had Enough Of [Top 5 Tuesday #12]

Warning: Everless spoilers at Number 5. Please be warned.

Hi Guys,


This meme is hosted by Shanah from Bionic Book Worm and if you are not following her yet, well, you’re missing a lot. 🙂 🙂 Last week’s topic wasTop 5 Tropes I Love, so it’s just fair that this week we tackle Tropes We’ve had Enough of. Just reading the topic makes me wanna rant. haha.

Before I give you my Top 5 loathed Tropes, let me give you one Honorable mention: LOVE TRIANGLE. Now, I must be clear I only hate this trope when the Main Lead can’t choose between two. You’re choosing between people, not some brands of cereal you look into the grocery. It’s either you like them or not. For me, not being able to choose easily is a proof that you don’t love either of them enough. I mean, if you do, you won’t have second thoughts. And for God’s sake, it’s disrespectful. I can tolerate this trope ONLY if the love is like a chain/link. Like she loves him and he loves other girl. Something like that.

Ok, let me give you my main list. 🙂

1.) Insta-Love 

I hate it. First, it’s not very realistic. Second, it’s creepy. But if it’s an insta-attraction, which means guy noticed girl or vice versa. Well, I can tolerate that. But if it’s like, s/he is already telling her/himself that s/he’s gonna marry the other as soon as first sight, that s/he wants to spend the rest of his/her life with her. Ahm, big no. BUT if reincarnation is a part of a story, yeah sure insta-love can be tolerable but if it’s not, like it’s just a simple romance then don’t give me that soulmate bullsh*t.

2.) Non-present and Villain parents

I’m looking at you YA. Come on. There are so many YAs where the leads do silly stuffs which I find so unrealistic because… for example, going on a roadtrip or staying out past midnight. Do parents in some country just let these kids do what they want? I don’t think so. So authors please think of some ways to include parents in the plot. Oh yeah, right. Is it because the only way parents can be a part of YA is for them to act like villains? Parents can be cool too, you know.

3.) Sparing the Villain

This trope is when a villain and protagonist or one of the good guys met in the middle of the story or in the end of Book 1 in series, and then they had a chance to kill or end the villain’s evil plans but they DIDN’T. Meaning they freakin’ wasted their chance, Good job protagonists.


Authors do this to heighten the ARC but they want the story to keep going so yeah, the villain can’t be stopped yet. But really, do it right, please dear authors. Give me enough reasons why the villain can’t be killed or defeated yet.

4. Easily Forgiven

Or Romanticising Abuse as many of us want to call this but I want to generalize. Recently I read a book, (hint: it has a number in the title)  where the protagonist easily forgave the other because he’s already in love with her. And sure it happened long ago but for Christ’s sake she killed his sister and brother-in-law in a BRUTAL WAY. How can you, how? WHY????? 


And then the common way of romanticising, where girl forgives guy because he’s hot and she’s head over heels in love with the a**hole or because guy has some horrible past. That’s not an excuse. Authors, please, young teenagers read your books, let us not mislead these young precious teens for believing that it’s okay to be disrespected.

*By the way, BDSM is entirely different thing for me. BDSM is fine if it’s done with the consent of both parties. 🙂

5.) Misunderstanding/Hardship due to Miscommunication(Keeping infos)

We’re all familiar how this trope plays out in romance… But to generalize, I have a perfect example.

I’m looking at you EVERLESS. My main problem with Everless is Jules(MC) appeared like she can’t do or realize anything without others telling her about it and then ended up doing stupid stuffs. Why coz she doesn’t know anything. I still don’t get why Jules father didn’t tell her the truth even when Jules is obviously in a very dangerous place and if only Liam told Jules what really happened years ago and didn’t act as if he hates her, then maybe Jules is way better and those kept informations would’ve helped her a lot. But no, why? Because the truth was meant to be the twist in the end. Well, by the time the twist was thrown in my face, I already dislike Jules SO much. SO what’s the point of a good twist when the character is already ruined in my mind.


My review of Everless

God, I wanna make a video just to rant about these tropes. hehe. Sorry guys, if I was rude all throughout this post. Can’t help it.

Now what’s your hated tropes? You can leave your links below if you want.

And let’s chat…


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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Tropes I’ve Had Enough Of [Top 5 Tuesday #12]

      1. now I’m beginning to have hope for my friends to love books too. It’s not too late to make them fall in love with reading. Just last week they were telling me, they’d only read a novel if it’s written by me… Hahaha… I just want to have friends here who loves book as much as I do.

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  1. Great post! Yes, there are SO MANY posts that are so infuriating they just drive me up a wall. Insta love is so unrealistic and also infuriating because how often does it actually happen in real life?? Plus if you love someone when you first see them what exactly are you loving?? Their appearance or who they really are?? Easily forgiven is also a REALLY annoying one. these are all super good tropes! I also did a post – feel free to check it out 🙂

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  2. Romanticizing abuse kills me too. It’s not a book, but the devotion the fans of Harley Quinn and Joker has kills me! Joker is a great villain, Harley Quinn makes you feel sympathetic, but their relationship is NOT romantic!


  3. Haha…you weren’t rude at all 😊 I really enjoyed reading this one. And there are definitely a few tropes in this list that I despise as well. Probably the top one is the easily forgiven. I have seen that happen in a few movies and tv shows as well, and I always think that is so incredibly stupid. No matter what horrible things someone has done…okay…all is forgiven, we are buddies now! Really…totally nuts. Great post! 😊


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