Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 [3rd Quarterly Update]

Hi Guys,

Goodreads Reading Challenge is one of the 6 Reading Challenges I joined in this year. And now I’m a mess. When did October arrived? I feel like days are shorter and nights too. It feels like it was just last month I was making my first quarterly update for this challenge and now I’m making the third one.


But really I’m not that worried about my reading challenge especially this one.


This past three months, I’ve joined several blog tours, so I’ve read too many ARCs. Speaking of ARCs, I only have 4 ARCs on my Netgalley Shelf. Yes!!!!


I’m one book ahead of schedule. But if I’m gonna be honest, I should be 6 books ahead of schedule. I just realized I didn’t list The Governess Game by Tessa Dare when I read it last month. And last weekend, I read four books by Nora Roberts. It’s a series and I haven’t listed any of them yet. And I feel too lazy to do so right now.


This is exactly me, at the moment. And yeah, I’m gaining weight too which I don’t mind. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So anyway, between writing and fighting depression, I think 155 is a good number. I just need to read 45 books till December.

So that’s it, guys. If you want to see my other updates, click below…

1st Quarterly Update    2nd Quarterly Update

How about you all? How’s your reading challenges? Need some motivation to read? Wanna chat?

🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Reading Guys,


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22 thoughts on “Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 [3rd Quarterly Update]

  1. Congratulations, your almost there, I could never imagine reading that many books in one year so good for year. I’m happy to say that I completed my goal of 75 books yesterday, and I’m happy about that, especially because I saw a decrease in my reading this year.

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  2. Looks like you are doing great, congrats! And wow, only 4 pending NG titles? How do you do that?! I made a promise to myself to try and keep it below 5, but somehow I end up with 10+ on my shelves instead anyway. xD


  3. Wow 155 books in one year is awesome!! You can do it. My goal for the year is 100 books and I am only 8 books away from reaching that goal. My other challenges are the pages read challenge which I reached my goal of 24,000 pages read last month so that’s good and I’m doing the Alphabet Soup (titles) challenge which is the one I have been slacking on but I am only 6 away from completing that one.


    1. It’s okay. I think what really helps me with my reading goals are my readathons. As you know some of my friends and I have a 24-Hour Readathon every last weekend of the month. That’s a big help to me.


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