Top 5 Overhyped Book Series [Top 5 Tuesday #13]

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This meme is hosted by the lovely Shanah @Bionic Book Worm and this week’s topic is actually “Books That Didn’t Live Up to the Hype” but I think I’ve done this particular topic before for Top Ten Tuesday. So I decided, I’d be focusing on Book series.

But before I give you my list, let me just say, that everything you’ll read is just my opinion and you don’t necessarily agree with me. Remember, we all can’t have the same preferences in our reads, or in everything. ALSO, I don’t really hate or dislike these books, I just feel that they’re too hyped, and just OK READS for me. Not really as great as the hype suggest. 🙂 🙂

Top 5 Overhyped Book Series

1.) The Divergent Trilogy


The world system is flawed. I don’t get the essence of the placement test, appointing them into a faction that suits  them. I mean all of them can have all the traits and can’t have only one. So Tris being a Divergent and supposedly have 3(?) traits is just meh. And she even acts contradictory to her supposed  traits. So yeah, what’s the point?

2.) The Twilight Series


Vampires who shine under the sun. But really what irk me more is Bella and her cardboard personality. And the love triangle which at first I thought was okay and then run downhill. And then Renesmee happened. That was so icky.

3.) Fifty Shades of Grey Series


The Bella Swan of Contemporary: Ana. And that’s understandable as this is a fanfiction of Twilight. God I hate this series.

4.) Graceling Series


I must admit, at first I loved Graceling but the second half was really tedious. And then Fire and Bitterblue. I didn’t like the protagonist in Fire who if memory serves had  relationships with more than one guy. Not at the same time but they weren’t ideal relationships. And  then bitterblue where the two main characters had sex (I’m not sure of this) but didn’t end up together. They kinda decided to go separate ways. (please correct me if I’m wrong with this series. I really forgot but I’m sure of my feelings about it,)

5.) The Mortal Instrument Series


Guys, don’t shoot me. PLEASE.

I’ll explain.

It’s not that I don’t like these books. In fact, I can say they’re one of the fine series out there. But 6 books is kinda long and it might not be an issue in other series, but in TMI, I felt like some parts of the story are dragged. So yeah for me this is overhyped. They’re fine reads but not really great. 😦 😦

So do we share the same opinions on this book? It’s okay if we don’t. Let’s chat below. And what books you think are overhyped? Or maybe underhyped?


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45 thoughts on “Top 5 Overhyped Book Series [Top 5 Tuesday #13]

  1. Haha..well never in a million years am I touching the Fifty Shades trilogy. Not even if I would get money for it lol 😂😂
    Out of these the only series that I own myself is the DIvergent series of books. I am kind of looking forward to reading those, but it will probably be a while before I get to them 😊😊I never believe in hype in the first place, because most of the times it isn’t true…with a few rare exceptions 😊😊

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    1. Haha.. yeah… I’m pretty sure you wont pick up 50 shades. 🙂

      The Divergent was fine too but it just didn’t appeal to me that much. The idea of it was fascinating.

      Rare exceptions. Like the Hunger Games. i love that one. And HP. And Rick RIordan’s books. 🙂

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    1. Aaaaw. yeah i forgot to mention that spoiler. I think the author has 5 book series for the shadowhunter world.. I’m not sure of this.

      hehe.. As an erotica book, yeah it’s not really bad but I really find it hard to connect with Ana

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  2. I couldn’t stand Divergent either. It was so obviously just trying to cash in on the Hunger Games craze, but tried to somehow mix Hogwarts houses into it, and it just didn’t make sense. Like, seriously, who organizes their society that way?

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  3. I agree with Divergent and Fifty Shades Of Grey!

    I have a terrible track record with hyped books. I think it’s because you go in with the impression it’s going to be amazing and anything less than that is a disappointment

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  4. Great list! I had no urge to read divergent as the plot gave me a hunger games mixed with other YA novels vibe. Thought the movie was particularly annoying.
    I read the twilight series which I really liked until the whole Renesmee ordeal 😑
    Fifty shades of Grey…it’s not a a book. I reviewed it on my blog though 😂 but damn if your main character bites her bottom lip every page…you ain’t no writer 😂

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    1. the 1st half of the 1st movie was ok for me until it wasn’t 😦 And yeah it seemed like it. COmbinations of other YAs.

      I think I could’ve forgiven Twilight if Renesmee didn’t happen. i mean sure there’s a child but really partner her to Jacob? Ugh!

      Hahaha.. 50 shades is really badly written. As an aspiring author, I intentionally left out in my description in the post about how badly written it is but you’re not the first person who mentioned it here in the comments. so I’m now certain I’m not the only who thinks that way.

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  5. I tend to be really picky when I read novel…That is why I’m staying away from Fifty Shades, I just can’t found the appeal to it.
    Vampire burn under the sun not sparkle…
    I started reading The Mortal Instrument, I read the 3 first and couldn’t even get in the 4tg one. While I like the story and the universe, I’m pretty sure thing could have been wrapped up earlier.

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    1. If you’re picky, yeah stay away from Fifty shades. I read everything but that one really a waste of time. Maybe the steamy scenes are good but other books have that too.

      I love vampires who are under/in the shadows, know what I mean. that make them more mysterious and interesting.

      It was in the 4th book of TMI that I had a hard time too. It was really dragged.


  6. I both agree & disagree with a bunch of these. I promise to not try to fight you though! 😉 I do think a lot of books get over-hyped, and that also makes me hesitant to read them for fear they’ll disappoint. 50 Shades definitely was horribly written, but what bothered me the most was actually the hype around it. I couldn’t stand how many people referred to it as this dirty, dirty book. Hello? Have you read a romance novel before? Divergent I mostly liked until the ending, but I struggled to like Tris (she’s a bit annoying & doesn’t really match up with the factions she supposedly tested for). I don’t mind the way the society is set up since it’s really just a big social experiment by the rest of the world. I loved TMI series, but agree that it dragged in some parts and the teen angst gets a bit old. Oh, Twilight. I loved it when I first read it, but to be fair to myself I’m pretty sure I was also about 13 and it was well before the movie & hype. As the series went on (and the awful movies continued) I just kept going to finish it up. I can’t speak to Graceling since I haven’t read those. Overall this is a good list, and I think too much hype can ruin good books for people.


    1. OMG!!!, I totally agree with 50 shades… God, I read erotica or romance that ‘s strong on the sexual side but really 50 shades is the worst. I’m now thinking of doing a post recommending books that others can read instead of 50 shades…

      I really disliked Tris. She’s not I expected. I mean I’m supposed to like her but her character didn’t deliver at all. And yeah the ending. Maybe if TMI is shorter like 4 or 3 books, it would’ve been better. But I dstill like the shadowhunter world. In fact TID is in my TBR..

      I hate to say this but the movies ruined the books. Bella in the books is already a kind of lame character (in my opinion) and then Kristen Stewart played the role. I don’t want to bash anyone but I have to say it, Kristen Stewart’s acting just made Bella worst. Not that she’s a bad actress, she just fits another role.

      If you want my opinion, ahm if you don’t own Graceling yet, I suggest not to read it and well, waste your time and money. But if you already own it, you can give it a chance. there’s a big chance you like it more. But I must say, just the first book is boring enough. The first half was fine and intriguing but then it fell into a boring sorta journey. So yeah, it really is not worth it.

      Thanks for commenting and reading. and I agree hype can ruin a book for others. i used to not read hyped books. but now, I decided to choose reviewers I can trust, reviewers who I know has the same preferences as me. I only read hyped book if they liked it. 🙂

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  7. I am readying my arrow as we speak Lili! Because Shadowhunters, how could you????? LOL Don’t fear though I dished out about other hyped books too 😉

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    1. hehe… If it makes better, out of all these books, the only series I can recommend (if I have to), is TMI. Shadowhunters world is really interesting. It was some of the characters I couldn’t really like and the story dragged in the middle. but overall, it’s fine. TID is even in my TBR… 🙂


  8. I was disappointed as the Divergent series progressed after book one. I loved Twilight. I read the first book of the Fifty Shades and was done with the series. Didn’t read Graceling. I loved the Shadowhunter series. It was epic for me and after that I can’t read anything else related.

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    1. I liked the 1st Divergent too and disliked 50 shades after reading Book 1. But that time when I read it i’m still not fond of DNFing or not finishing any series so I wasted my time reading all the books.

      Glad you loved twilight more than I did. 🙂 And really I like Shadowhunters. BUt I have issues in it. hehe.. I heard TID are way better.


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