The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Book Review]

Warning: Very little spoilers. They won’t affect your reading, I promise.

34221193TITLE: The Darkest Star

BY: Jennifer L. Armentrout

SERIES: Origin #1 

GENRE: Young Adult, Science Fiction Fantasy, Romance

Expected Publication: October 30th 2018 by Tor Teen



Evie knew being in Foretoken Club is a bad idea. Not only is she an underage, the notorious club is also known as a hangout place for unregistered aliens. There she met Luc, who she thought is an alien, a Luxen, but turned out to be something more. It doesn’t help that he’s not registered and worse he seemed to know so much about her. Warning bells filled her mind yet she can’t seem to stay away from him. And it seems that things get more complicated as they get closer to each other. Secrets are revealed, psycho killers are on the loose and innocents get killed. And Evie’s life as she knows it is being turned upside down.

This book seemed to have everything you can ask for in a YA Paranormal Romance. First, there are government secrets and conspiracies that started way before the alien invasion 4 years ago. Second is a semi-forbidden romance that is sweet enough and lastly, aliens. Gorgeous, dazzling aliens that surely can be dangerous.

After reading this, my first thought was, there are still many questions left unanswered. I’m not even sure yet who or what are the real antagonist. All I know is that the government kept and is still keeping secrets about the aliens. And that there are more to know about these aliens. So really the whole plot of this series is unclear yet and for me, that’s a good thing because it kept the intrigue and mystery alive.

Personally I’m contented for what the author decided to give me, mainly about Evie and Luc’s identities. And the repercussions of what Luc did before. It’s what sparked the conflict of this book. Though I must say there’s no real reveal or twists in this book. The secrets behind Evie and Luc’s connection are a little predictable and you can guess them from chapter one. But weirdly that didn’t put me off from reading. This is one of those books that’ll hook you in right from the first chapter, you might roll your eyes as you keep reading but you can’t stop.

And mind you there are tons of eyeroll-inducing moments/scenes/lines/parts and even cliche parts. Mainly because this is too YA, and that again mainly, because of Evie. Stereotype alert. All I can say about her is that she’s a high school student. She likes photography but thinking of taking nursing. She especially aggravated me how she reacted when she finally knew everything. Jesus! There were like five confrontations, her saying the same things, same sentiments over and over again. I do understand her sentiments but come on, girl, there’s a psycho alien in the loose, and things are happening in the world, and the people around you just want to protect you and you act like freakin’ immature. It hurts but you must understand why they did it. Put your sentiments aside and act like you care for not only yourself. Heck, just be thankful you’re still breathing.

“I didn’t spend half of my godforsaken life trying to keep you alive for you to just throw it all away!”

When Luc said this, I literally said, ‘come on Luc, tell her’. And God, I don’t like Evie’s lines. Like she’d say, ‘You have a terrible way of showing it. Terrible.’ or ‘I don’t like it. At all.’ And the book’s in her POV so… But what I own is an ARC and that might change upon publication.

Luc, on the otehr hand, is so easy to love. I mean he’s an alien. Who doesn’t love an alien??? Hehe. Kidding aside, I find Luc funny and irresistible. I love his lines and his conversations with Evie usually become banters and again, who doesn’t love banters? I really hope that in book 2, I get more of Luc’s thoughts. Because I don’t him to be just funny. That can get old and I’m afraid he ends up anther stereotype character. Funny but no real personality. Ugh! But anyway, so far I’m enjoying Luc and because of him, I love the romance. A little twilight-y but I can forgive that. And I think you can too because Luc has more valid reason than Edward.

Overall, this is such a fun and engaging read. Once you start reading, it’s hard to put this down. And that’s the reason why I rated this book high. It’s questionable if you look into my complaints but the fact that I couldn’t put this down and read it for three hours without getting up, that says a lot. I’m really a fast reader, but not getting up for three hours? That’s a good writing right there guys. Jennifer L. Armentrout is applaudable and I vow to read all her books. Especially Lux series. But this, this is a very promising series and I’m excited to read book 2. Also there’s no big cliffhanger so you can ease your heart.

By the way, Origin takes place four years after LUX ended. And even though I haven’t read LUX yet, it was easy to understand the world of Luxen. So you can read this without reading Lux.But if you already did, well, you’re in for a treat because Daemon (Lux’s protagonist) made a cameo here and those are great scenes. 🙂

What do you think of this book? Are you planning to read this too? Let’s chat.

I received an e-arc from the publisher via Netgalley. Big thanks. 🙂 


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12 thoughts on “The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout [Book Review]

  1. As always this was another amazing review to read. I have seen this book appear on quite a number of book blogs that I follow, and so far pretty much everyone is quite postive about it. And yeah…not getting up for three hours is definitely a good sign lol 😊😊

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