Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

23314731TITLE: Truth or Beard

BY: Penny Reid

SERIES: Winston Brothers #1

GENRE: Contemporary, Romance

PUBLICATION: July 21st 2015 by Caped Publishing


3.5 stars

Twins Beau and and Duane Winston might have the same handsome face but they’re definitely not the same person once they speak and move. Where Beau is charming and sociable, Duane is reserved an broody. That’s why Jessica James prefers Duane back then. Now that she’s back in town, newly-college graduate and considered as the hot Math teacher by her students, and seeing Beau for the first time in years, she thought she never really get over her crush for Beau, until she realized she just made out with the wrong twin.

I love unrequited childhood loves and this one has it. I also liked that it was the guy who has the secret feeling when they were younger. I also love huge family and funny siblings when they’re together. Winston Brothers are really likeable and I can’t wait to learn more about them in the future books. But for now, let’s talk about Duane.

I find Duane really swoon-worthy and charming enough. The broody and reserved thing in the blurb didn’t really show in the story. The moment he showed up in Chapter one and walk towards Jessica, I was  into him. I even forgive him for pretending to be his brother just so he can make out with Jessica. Because hello, he’s really in love with her since they were teens and Jessica wasn’t helping giving him  hot looks. And oh Jessica, I don’t know if I like her or not.

All I can say is I had a love-hate relationship with the MCs. I love them sometimes, I hate them sometimes. But that’s okay. But there’s something that irked me so much, I can’t forgive it. Thus the low star-rating. In the 2nd chapter, there’s a little party and Duane’s ex, Tina was there. Tina is obviously still has hots for Duane. I mean , they had on and off relationship in the past 4 or 5 years. Tina also happens to be Jessica’s cousin. So there’s a Truth or Dare Game and Tina dared Duane to kiss her. Duane didn’t want it because this party happens just few hours after he and Jess made out. But he suddenly decided to use Tina to make Jess jealous. In his inner monologue, Duane really said, “I could use her.” 

WHAT?!?!? USE? Ugh! And worse one of the brothers even called Tina a ‘Crazy Bitch’. Maybe Tina acts like one and she’s a stripper, but no woman deserves to be used and called  bitch like that just because she’s obviously still in love with Duane. And if that’s not enough, there’s this line too.

What Tina had in looks she lacked in sense. She was shrewd but ignorant. I couldn’t talk to her about anything, because she didn’t know about anything other than townie gossip, biker gossip, how to work a pole, and how to spread her legs.

Dearest Authors, Please, just because they’re not your main characters, you can slut shame or make them really bad in the reader’s eyes. Not Cool. TREAT THEM THE WAY YOU’D TREAT YOUR MCs WHEN THEY MESS UP TOO. Only then there’d be equality in the book.

… Overall this is an entertaining, fun book. I still can’t get to this author’s writing but this is so much better than the first book I read from her. I love the overall plot, with Jess’ family and plans in life as side conflicts. And there biker gangs too. That’s an added bonus I think. 🙂

Have you read this book? Let’s chat.

GOOD NEWS: I’m currently reading Book 3 and I’m liking it A LOT.


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