Beard in Mind by Penny Reid [Book Review]

30315673TITLE: Beard in Mind

BY: Penny Reid

SERIES: Winston Brothers #4

GENRE: Contemporary, Romance


3.5 stars

Beau Winston’s life is changing or at least, the life of everyone around him is changing. Three of his brothers are almost settling down, one is even getting married and becoming a father. But what affects him more is his twin, Duane. His twin is his other half but now is leaving for Italy with his girl, leaving Beau in Green Valley. Worst, his brother left a replacement in their auto shop. A woman named Shelly who infuriates him like nobody ever does. He’s the charming twin, as everyone calls him that’s why Beau is liked by everyone. Until Shelly. But then he discovers that not everything, everyone, as they seem. 

First, I wanna say that I’m an official fan of this series and currently in love with six guys. All of them have beards and I don’t even like beards that much. That’s why I know I’m in love. With Six guys. Lol. But really, The Winston Brothers managed to capture my heart.

I was excited to read Beau’s story. I knew it’s gonna be heartwarming and it was. But I thought it’s gonna be heartwarming because Beau is such the kindest soul. Very charming and always ready to help everyone. There’s no annoying bone in his body. Hie’s like the complete package for a perfect partner. But reading this, I can’t give all the credit to Beau’s kind persona why this book is heartwarming. There are subplots that made this book a little emotional.

First, Shelly’s mental illness and how she was so misunderstood for it. And her battles against it. It’s an emotional journey. Second is Beau’s family. Especially his relationship with his twin Duane who’s leaving him. When I read the first book in this series which stars Duane, I also learned  how close the twins are. But here, the bromance between them surpassed  every bromance I’ve read before. Third, is the shocking revelation that might really hurt the twins and even their family. So these are what made this book more emotional that the previous ones.

But as much as I like all these subplots, I admit they stole the spotlight to the romance. It’s like there’s too many going on, I can’t focus on romance. Especially that Shelly’s POVs are usually with her doctor. It was well-researched, by the way. And I love her  doctor so much. Anyway, as I was saying, the subplots overshadowed the romance. Halfway through, i found myself enjoying the other parts more than the romantic scenes between Shelly and Beau. I was  also more interested on scenes with the Winston Brothers and the scenes with the Wraiths.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and love the characters. I’m deeply in love with the series and can’t wait to read the others.


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