Hour Zero & TBR – 24 Hour Readathon [October 2018]

Hi Guys,

metamorphosis - Copy (2)

You all know we’re having 24 Hour Readathon, right? No? Nori and I have been doing this since February. How can you not know? hehe.

In our past readathons, I’ve read four books the whole 24 hours with just five hours sleep. MAX. I’m still babysitting for my aunt so I might find it hard to finish four books. But we’re only doing this readathon for fun, for pure enjoyment, so numbers don’t matter.

These books are on my #BYOBthon TBR and Fall TBR and really I need to finish them this October. Also I’d be doing NaNoWriMo  next month so I don’t think I’ll have time for reading. Might as well tackle these books now. 🙂

In  past readathons, I made sure I post my reviews right away and even post updates every 6 hours. I’ll try doing that again but I’m not promising. What I can promise is that I’ll be on twitter for 20 hours during this readathon. I’m only planning to take naps that’ll total to four hours. haha.. That’s very ambitious.

If you want to join us, just hop in. ANY TIME. 🙂 Message me in any of my social media accounts if you have questions or just wanna chat. 🙂

Happy reading guys.


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7 thoughts on “Hour Zero & TBR – 24 Hour Readathon [October 2018]

    1. Different every month. Like last month, I had four huge bags of potato chips and coke. Now i already had five burgers and three energy drinks since I started yesterday. And these are just snacks. Proper meals are another story. hehe. you can say, readathon day is a huge cheat indulge day for me.

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