Ten Characters I’d Like to Cosplay

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I’ve always wanted to cosplay but I haven’t really had a chance to do it. Or rather I lack the guts to do it. But then I can always put a costume every Halloween, right? No I don’t because I’m too lazy to prepare for a costume or find one. But I do have certain characters in mind I’d love to cosplay. Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl hosts Top Ten Tuesday and today’s topic is a Halloween/Creepy freebie and I decided this to be my topic.

1.) Mother of the Dragons

I want to borrow Daenerys Targaryen’s wardrobe. I love all her outfits in GoT but if I’ll cosplay her, I ‘d choose this one. She wore this at the Dragonpit. Her trademark boots, trousers beneath a dress and an addition, the chain with three dragon heads. I love it.

2.) Harley Quinn

Now, my parents won’t be proud. lol. Me wearing short shorts is okay but Harley Quinn’s costume is really asking for trouble. But I love it. 🙂

3.) Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has plenty of amazing outfits. I’m sure most of us were amazed at her dresses on fire but this one, I think, is the most badass. Which made sense because she wore this in Mockingjay where her character is in her bravest self.

4.) Princess Merida

What? I want curly hair and I want it in orange. lol. But really, I think everyone loves Merida. Maybe next to Mulan. hehe

5.) Arwen Undomiel


Who doesn’t want to be an Elf? Technically, Arwen is just half-Elven but look at her. She’s so gorgeous and beautiful. She wore this particular outfit at Aragorn’s coronation and my favorite accesory is the headdress.

Seriously, where can I get that headdress?


6.) Jack Sparrow

Why not? I can be Jackie Sparrow or Jane Sparrow. Hehe. No really, I want to cosplay Jack and act like a drunken fool. haha.

7.) Effie Trinket

Elegance. If Katniss is badass, Effie is elegant. I just love her outfits. So unique. All of her outfits, but this one’s my favorite simply because I love butterfflies.

8.) Cersei Lannister

Again Elegance. There’s something about Cersei that when you look at her, you’ll respect her. Or fear her. You know what I mean. I love her outfits, all of them so it was so hard to choose what to put here. Finally, I chose this one, mostly because I miss her  long hair. 🙂

9.) Maleficent

With wings. 🙂 And of course horns. It’s just beautiful. Isn’t it?

10.) Peter Pan or Tinker Bell

Lol this is a dream of mine since I was young. I even wanted to be one of the lost boys. haha. And if I can’t be Peter Pan, then Tinker Bell’s fine. 🙂

So when Halloween comes, do you wear costumes? What have you tried so far? Or what characters would you love to cosplay. let’s chat.


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38 thoughts on “Ten Characters I’d Like to Cosplay

  1. I have so far wore one costume on Halloween, when I was throwing my parents a Halloween party about 3 years ago. I was a zombie doctor then lol 😂😂
    I have never cosplayed before, but if I were I think I would choose either Kirito from Sword Art Online, or Darth Vader.
    You have chosen some really cool characters yourself here by the way! Definitely some awesome costumes too wear. Fun post! 😊😊

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  2. I haven’t cosplayed but when I was a teacher I would always wear my witch costume. The black raggedy dress my mum made and I wore a purple wig with purple and black striped witch’s hat with same colors striped for tights or a witch’s hat that had neon orange hair attached and matching tights.

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  3. Hello Lili!

    Great choices! I’d dress up as Daenerys Targaryen and Merida, too. Daenerys because I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones and Merida because we’ve got similar hair!


  4. I love reading this post. AND I totally would love to cosplay all of them. Especially Mother of Dragon, Maleficent, Effie and Arwen. It’ll be so fun to dress up as them cause their costumes are super gorgeous!

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