Beard Science by Penny Reid

23337872TITLE: Beard Science

BY: Penny Reid

SERIES: Winston Brothers #3

GENRE: Romance, Contemporary

PUBLICATION: October 11th 2016 by Cipher-Naught



Finally, I read a book from Penny Reid that I REALLY liked. This book is everything.

Everyone knows Jennifer Sylvester but not as Jennifer-Jennifer but as Tennessee’s reigning Banana Cake Queen. Thanks to her family’s bakery who she runs with her controlling mother, she’s really good with cakes. But despite her social media fame and love for baking, she’s not happy. Desperate to get the ONE thing she wants in life that her controlling parent might not give her, she turned to Cletus Winston. Cletus is a puzzle and Jenn saw him for what he is-a dangerous man. But she has no choice. Thankfully, she might’ve something to make Cletus help her get what she wants. 

I don’t think I’ve ever classified a Contemporary Romance as either plot-driven or Character-driven, but I need to do it in this book. No, actually, I won’t classify it because this is both plot and character-driven. And when you read this book, you’ll know why I needed to mention this. 🙂 The plot was amazing. Yes, it was a bit cliche-plain, friendless girl asks dangerous, aloof guy to help her with something. But it still managed to surprised me. It started as if just another book where man and woman never intended to fall in love but did, but see, the plot didn’t just focus on the romance between the characters. Instead several elements were added on the sideline, elements that affected the MC’s individual character arcs.

That’s why it is important to mention that this book is both character and plot driven. Because the way the plot was constructed complement the character development perfectly. Our MCs are no ordinary MCs. I swear, I love Jenn and Cletus so much. They surprised me in every turn. Jenn is not the simpleton I thought she would be. You know, the kind who needs the guy in every page. And I thought there’s a deeper reason why she’s so plain and sheltered aside from her controlling parents. But it was Cletus who has more issues. Jesus, if Cletus is an antagonist, he’d be a good villain. Not only he is very clever, he’s real terrible. I might as well say his motto is ‘an eye for an eye’ coz he knows vengeance. Whether small or big you did to him, expect vengeance. And it would be a heavy one. He is evil and really, I’m terrified of him.

Also he only sees things as black or white and a 1 or 10 rating. There’s no middle to him. So when he said the line below to Jennifer, I died. 🙂

“You want to know what you are to me? Fine. You’re my beginning, middle, and end.”

Cletus is also controlling and what he wants, he gets. And see how that is big problem to Jennifer? Coz all her life, she lived being controlled by her parents. Oh my God, the plot arc is really good. Everything about this book is good. It’s even filled with banters. And when Cletus becomes possessive and jealous? Well, yeah, I died.

I think I’m gonna reread this one. And hey, I now can say, I like Penny Reid’s writing.

And oh in my review of book 1, I mentioned that one of the brothers called a woman(not the protagonist) a bitch. That brother was Cletus. So I didn’t like him in Book 1 but reading his own story, I now understand his personality. He is brutal honest. I really thought it’d be Jenn who’s unique, no, it’s Cletus. He’s a very unique character and you can forgive him for who he is. Or what he says.

You guys, I highly recommend this book.

Happy reading and let’s chat.


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