From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz [Book Review]

65948TITLE: From the Corner of His Eye

BY: Dean Koontz

GENRE: Fiction, Thriller

PUBLICATION: November 20th 2001 by Bantam 



This is one of those books that you really enjoyed reading but when you’re done, you finally see everything wrong in it. Lol. This is also one of those books, you can’t review properly without giving away too much. But I’ll be careful.

Early in the story the reader is introduced to the two MC, Bartholomew Lampion and Junior Cain. It’s easy to see that they’re linked. How and why, well, that’s what this story is about. And then suddenly, there’s also this girl who was born somewhere and also linked to the two men introduced earlier. When Barty was introduced, I couldn’t help but care for him right away. He was born in an unforgettable day. Unforgettable coz it was both tragic and beautiful. At three, he’s blind. At thirteen, he regained his sight. Intriguing right? When Junior Cain was introduced, it was in a beautiful scene and everything is good. But it was obvious, something sinister is going to happen. Or that something is not right with Junior. I just couldn’t bring myself to trust him.

The whole book is so mysterious and intriguing, I couldn’t help but get invested in it. Though it was a really long book, I finished it in five hours. I can say I love the author’s writing. There are like three stories all developed so they can all be part of one engaging, fascinating story. It was really well done. And I love how the author handled all the reveals, that when he reveals one, I’m excited for the next. The unfolding was really amazing. The drama was well handled, it’s not tedious or too much. It’s so emotional but it’s the kind I like. 🙂 In fact, the emotional side might be the best asset this book has. Tragedies just happen to all the characters and it’s heartbreaking.

There’s an almost fantasy side of the story. The sudden comeback of Barty’s sight and his ability with multiple universe. Frankly, I don’t like this part of the story. Along with the religious aspect.

The characters are the best parts too. From page 1, I found myself invested and rooting for the characters, yes even to the villain. But let me just say how much I dislike their names. They’re too biblical. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Biblical stuffs, I’m a Christian myself but all the good characters have the saint’s name and the bad guy is Cain. Duh?

But moving on, they’re good characters. The protagonists are relatable and I was kinda invested to their stories. Barty’s mom is the best. And Junior Cain is a real psycho. REALLY creepy. And I like that he’s a great villain.

The story has weak parts but it was shadowed by the amazing storyline. It was such a great journey reading this one. But the ending is a bit rushed for me. The big climax would’ve been so much better if it wasn’t resolved as fast as it did.

Overall, I was contented. Engaging and thrilling, I couldn’t put it down.


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