Christmas Playlist (Blogmas #6)

Hi Blisses,

It’s day 6 of #blogmas and today I’ll be sharing ten songs from my Christmas playlist. I’ve seen so many bloggers doing this since December 1 and it’s time for me to join them. 🙂 🙂


I’m not really into jolly Christmas songs or Christmas carols. Sure I like listening to them when sang in churches or outside my door by the carollers. But the ones in my very own playlist are contemporary ones.

(Click their titles to listen to listen to them)

1.) Christmas in our hearts by Jose Mari Chan

You guys, this is the very first song that comes to my mind when I  hear the word, Christmas. It’s how good it is. This is sung by a  Filipino singer and please check this out.

2.) A Perfect Christmas by Jose Mari Chan 

There’s a reason why I listed 2 of Jose Mari Chan’s songs in this list. He’s that good. For us, Filipinos, he’s an icon, a legend, that when you see him, it’s either you wanna hug him or bow to him. Hehe. Seriously, check this out.

3.) All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Duh? This song is so catchy and festive. But the lyrics are what I love best. 🙂

4.) I’ll be Home for Christmas by Michael Buble’

Makes me cry every time. This song is like written for me though I know it was written for soldiers from war or something like that. But I rarely come home to my parent’s town and well the song speaks to me too.

5.) Noel by Christ Tomlin ft. Lauren Daigle

Oh my god, this song. So beautiful. Everything about this song is beautiful even the singer’s voice. Perfect. The link is for a live performance and hope you guys like it. :

6.) My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears

Makes me wanna dance, and I don’t even dance. Haha…

7.)  Christmas Lights by Coldplay

Aaaw, I’m not crying. You are. 🙂 🙂 Also this song is so underrated, I only discovered this a while ago.

8.) It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Michael Buble’

The melody of this song always gets me. It feels so intimate but dance-y. So nice.

9.) Do you hear what I hear by Carrie Underwood

There are other versions who are better, I think, but Carrie’s version is in my playlist. Out of all these songs, this is the only list that I want a newer version, thus Carrie’s.

10.) Let it Snow by Boyz II Men

RnB tune and I love it. Plus the lyrics plays with my emotions in a good way.

Did you like my list? Are these songs in your Christmas playlist too? Or do you want to share the songs in your own playlist?

Let’s chat.


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